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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

#Shettima The Voracious Reader. The Real Side Of Kashim.

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Flash🛎:This is Kashim Shettima in his library part of which he inherited from his grandfather, the legendary Sir Kashim Ibrahim, the first indigenous Governor-General of Northern Nigeria.

POST SCRIPT : “Late Sir Kashim Ibrahim was the Teacher of Shettima (Kashim’s Father) and Shettima named the present Kashim after his Teacher as they were family friends”. – point of correction by Abdullahi Sanchi

UPDATE: Kashim Shettima’s father was beside being a teacher, a voracious reader too. He was a legendary book collector; a hobby he turned into an enterprise after retirement from teaching service.

The highly stocked bookshop he established is reputed with “if the book isn’t there, then it does not exist in the whole of Borno or the then North Eastern state” a friend told me.

Any wonder Kashim is a walking encyclopedia?

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