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#Dangote Refinery.

– Excavation works began on the site in 2016 with maximum support from the APC led federal government.


– ⁠NNPC got a 20% deal in 2021 at 2.76bn to have some say via crude supply agreements.


– Plant is Africa’s largest refinery with a capacity to refine about 650,000 barrels of crude per day.


– First crude of 950,000barrel received on 7th of December, 2023


– The refinery will prioritize local supply feeding all Nigerian demands before excesses will be exported.

– Expected to cater to over 12% of Africa’s product demand, potentially reducing petroleum imports across the continent by 36%.


– Upon reaching full operational capacity, the facility is anticipated to produce a daily output of 327,000 bpd of gasoline, 244,000 bpd of gasoil/diesel, 56,000 bpd of jet fuel/kerosene, and 290,000 mt/year of propane/LPG.


– Plans in place by the company to have the $20bn facility listed on the already booming Nigeria Stock Exchange.


Congratulations Nigerians, we have a game-changing facility on our hands.



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