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While growing up, my Late father and hero AKOGUN OLUSEGUN OKEOWO used a unique method to teach us his children financial wisdom.

While building his first house, we were required to do labour work for a fee.

Myself and my sisters ferried hundreds of cement blocks with our heads to service bricklayers as they worked.

My father actually paid us for this service.

It was my first work experience and it helped me to appreciate the value of money.

Today, my wife runs a small Poultry both for passion and to augment family income.

Yesterday, I requested my children to go out and join in the sales of Chickens.

They were required to drive the chickens in a spare vehicle to a popular junction and stay there whole day to make sales.

After two days of hard work, I asked my older daughter jokingly what she has learnt from the two days.

Here is what she told me…

“I have learnt that it is not easy to make money. Am surprised that what we made in the two days of selling chickens is equivalent to what I paid for my Valedictory Service in School”

My eyes shot up.

So my daughter didn’t know how big the money I paid for Valedictory Service only is until she worked for the equivalent.

See the damage we do to our children when we struggle and do everything to meet their needs without allowing them to have a feel of where and how the money is coming from.

Dear Parents, don’t prevent your children from getting involved in your profession, vocation or business. Let them be involved.

You run a salon but your children are playing around because it’s holiday, am sorry for you.

The poultry you have is too dirty for your children to work in…because you want them to become Lawyers and Doctors. Too bad.

You’re a WELDER but because it’s a dirty job you don’t want your future Mechanical Engineer son to come around…. You are a joker.

You’re are busy jumping around to make ends meet but your children are at home always watching AFRICA Magic…. Sorry they simply think you went out to have a nice time just as they are doing at home.

Come on, get them involved !!!

If you can’t involve them directly, find a way of teaching them value for money.

When next your child asks for those flimsy money, make him/her work for it.

Most working class parents are “killing” their children by giving an impression that “Daddy” or “Mummy is always there”

It is not punishment, it is training. My father did it to me. Am doing it to my children.

They should do same to their children.’

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