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Thursday, October 6, 2022

#Tinubu: An Institute Of Leadership.

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(1) Tinubu is a visionary leader, his vision is liken to an eagle. The Eagle can see about 5km away, focuses on it prey (eyes fixed on it) without loosing focus

(2) Tinubu like the Eagle flies alone in a high altitude, amongst his compatriots or army/class of past/present governors, none has/can measures with him for now. He has set Lagos in the part of economic growth, human capacity development, mentoring, leading and managing talents. Today from TINUBU’s tutelage, we are borrowing talents, entrepreneurs, techjocrats and experts to govern and run affairs of Nigeria. TINUBU is an institution that had defined African democracy.

(3) The eagles flies above the storm/rains, therefore no circumstance/conditions is a threat to the Eagle. Tinubu with or without FAAC salaries were paid regularly and timely. The growth of Lagos is progressive and continuous even after leaving office, assembled talent in/out he brought in foreign investors. Assembled best hands irrespective of your state/tribe of origin.

(4) Tinubu isn’t a whinner but winner, has the potentials, to navigate strong storms, turns challenges to strength, Tinubu is a silent achiever, not distracted, Governors laments we don’t have enough, but he created avenues for revenue, increased IGR, and not relied solely on the Fed govt to survive, A proactive visionary and perspective leader, sees and plan ahead, prepares in advance before situations approaches.
(5) Tinubu belongs to the school of continuity, no wonder Lagos draw an economic development plan of 25 years, and had stick to it like a pest.

(6) No wonder this present administration did not considers who takes credit, but continued with project not completed, projects abandoned, revoked agreements entered that are not in the good of Nigeria. TINUBU is a gift to this generation.

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