U.S. administered 300m COVID-19 vaccines in 150 days – Biden


By Cecilia Ologunagba

US President Joe Biden said on Friday that the United States had administered 300 million vaccines against the coronavirus (COVID-19) in 150 days and that COVID-19-related cases and deaths had fallen by more than 90%.

Biden said so in a statement titled “300 Million Shots in 150 Days: The President’s COVID-19 Strategy Is Measuring Americans”, released to commemorate his 150 days in office.

According to the statement, when Biden took office 150 days ago, more than 3,300 Americans were dying every day.

He added that at the time, more than 185,000 Americans were infected with the virus daily, just as the economy lost millions of jobs.

“Today, thanks to the President’s COVID-19 strategy, the virus is on the decline and the economy is experiencing the strongest rebound in decades.

“It didn’t happen by accident; the President has made a commitment to the American people to meet this unprecedented challenge with all the strength and capability of the federal government.

“Every day since taking office, the President has done just that – mobilizing a whole-of-government wartime effort to defeat COVID-19.

“And, he brought all Americans together, including leaders in the public and private sectors, and called on them to do their part.

“The results are clear: America is starting to look like America again and is entering a summer of joy and freedom,” the statement said.

According to the statement, when Biden took office, about five percent of adult Americans had been vaccinated.

“At the rate the United States was vaccinating in January, it would have taken 336 days to reach 300 million shots.

“And, inadequate vaccine supplies, vaccinators and places to get vaccinated have severely limited Americans’ access to vaccines,” he added.

Biden said more than 175 million Americans have received at least one injection of the COVID-19 vaccine while 65% of American adults have at least one injection and 55% of adults are fully vaccinated.

He said 87% of seniors and 74% of adults 40 and older had at least one injection, adding that 15 states and Washington, DC, gave at least 70% of adults an injection.

The president said 26 states and DC had fully immunized 50% or more of adults.

“It is important to note that these advances in immunization have reduced COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths to their lowest levels since the start of the pandemic last year.

“It has slowed down the spread of the virus, saved tens of thousands of lives and allowed tens of millions of Americans to get their lives back on track,” he said. (NAA)