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Thursday, August 18, 2022

#Urgent Message To Peter Obi’s Best Supporter.

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I respect your conviction. I realise your candidate is loved by the angry youths desperate for a change forgetting the danger of taking a decision when angry. I probably would be part of Obi’s campaign if he comes out in 2027

However, right now we are in a very difficult place as a nation. The situation requires absolute hands-on presidency with boots on the ground

We are headed towards a disruptive and an uncertain future and we require our most agile minds with relatable experience steering the affairs of state, no matter the tribe or faith.

Peter Obi is good on paper but has not shown the ingenuity in the times past to solve the problems plaguing Nigeria currently using Anambra State as a baseline

This is understandable because of his affluence and philosophical background which shielded him from the harsh reality of life and encouraged his fixation on theories and unfounded statistics with no practical application compared to Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s accounting and strategic leadership background of practical application of out-of-the box solutions

Peter Obi greatest exploit is managing his family business and one of his first ‘feat’ as Governor of Anambra State was to rescue the family business with billions of Anambra fund with no shareholding for the state in the company

Son, allow me to be specific and compare Tinubu and Peter Obi’s past performances in problem areas plaguing Nigeria currently to underscore my point.

Security: Tinubu with his team set up security trust fund to provide needed funding for the police. Engaged the Agberos on the streets with transportation and politics keeping them away from homes. PPCR, etc. What was PO scorecard on security in Anambra other than consulting with a mad man for solution to security problems according to PO himself

Power supply: Tinubu & team brought the Enron project that generated power for the National Grid. Independent Power Project that uses gas to supply power to Lagos MDAs ensuring 24hrs stable power outside PHCN. Son, what were Peter Obi’s exploits in power supply as a Governor? Power supply was a problem in Anambra when he was governor. Wasn’t it? He didn’t think he could try solving the problem like Tinubu did?

Paucity of fund: Nigeria is broke as well as many countries. Tinubu administration increased Lagos IGR from 600m to 4bn within a year and 14bn when he left office. What did PO do in the area of IGR in Anambra? He did not add a dime to the IGR of the commercial hub of the Eastern states. He rather went borrowing like Soludo is doing presently. Son, how on earth do you think Obi will run a broke Nigeria that may no longer be credit worthy? Anger is definitely your motivating factor as I trained you better than this

Theft. Revenue/Oil:
Team Tinubu blocked the theft/leakages in the system by engaging a alphabeta.
For the purpose of effective change management system, the company worked with the civil servants on ground giving them monthly incentives. Many of them were redesignated and moved to other ministries while the LIRS was restructured with better pay different from the mainstream. *From 600m to 4bn indicated that the revenues were in the system but greater percentage went into private pocket. Similar solution will be applied to the national revenue/oil theft under Tinubu. Tell us that of Obi’s in this regard other than frugality and borrowing

Poor Healthcare delivery: Team Tinubu infrastructure renewal, Free healthcare for children less than 14 years, adult above 65 and accident victims/emergencies for 24hrs. Free ambulances, eye glasses, consultation, some surgeries, etc. It’s on record that Easterners formed the greater number of non-lagos residents that enjoyed the free health. The question is Wetin PO do for healthcare?

Frankly, Nigeria is in trouble like many other countries. This is not the time to go philosophical with experiments. We need a leader that has shown exceptional foresight in problems solving and anticipation

Power generation is exclusive to the federal government likewise headcount. Team Tinubu knew the import of these areas to the development of the state and dabbled in to them with resounding outcomes. That’s a leader with vision, good enough to guide a country in trouble

My dear son, tell your sisters that our votes now count. Right now there are multiple election verifying organisations on ground with spy software and drones monitoring the elections. We saw their activities at the Ekiti and Osun states elections. They posted updates ahead of INEC making it difficult for INEC to get creative. 2023 elections will be the most monitored election in our history.

Son, I hope this provides you some context as you contemplate your choices. Whatever that’s, do not decide in anger. Do not vote for the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in anger.

This is an objective evaluation and assessment which any right thinking Nigerian will understand and appreciate as apt. Let us forget sentiments and be objective as we consider the preferable candidate to support and vote into power. Let us consider the criteria presented in this assessment because some people do not have the capacity to analyse situations, characters, circumstances, strength & weaknesses of the candidates presenting themselves for elections. We want the best for Nigeria. Best is relative, so this piece serves as a guide to assist the electorate to vote Wisely and look beyond the obvious and noisemakers!!!!

Dr. Fraser MFR.

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