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#Why No Northern Christian Deserves The VP ticket. The Merit or Demerit.

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In order to deserve the Vice Presidential Ticket, a person must prove himself competent with an impressive CV and track record of service confirming competence, capability, capacity, integrity & credibility. Nigeria can not afford to be sentimental in this millennium with set developmental milestones to fix the country.

Nigeria needs capable hands to govern, devoid of religious sentiments. The few Northern Christians in the ruling party who have shown interest have unfortunately certain shortcomings which make them unsuitable for the position.

They have now resorted to blackmail in order to present themselves based on religious sentiments. This is unacceptable and will not sway Nigerians to their favour.

The party is presenting a Candidate & Vice President who they believe can drive the Nigerian ship out of the woods. All that is needed is the support and cooperation of Nigerians to succeed in this task, not bickering, backstabbing, blackmail etc.

Dogara’s claim that the Muslims are at par with the Christians will be proved or disproved in the 2023 elections because according to facts & figures available to Headlinenews, there are up to 20% Of Christians in Northern Nigeria, and the Muslim majority accounts for 80% of the population.

We realise that Nigerians do not have access to facts & figures as required which results in misquoting real figures and statistics.

I don’t know Solomon Dalung is so Christian like this when he was given a Ministerial appointment but has failed woefully.

I don’t know Yakubu Dogara was this Christian when he was busy padding our budget at the expense of his fellow Christians.

I don’t know Babachir Lawal was this Christian but fraudulently used our 200m to cut grasses, and I don’t know Elisha Abbo is also this religious but has slapped a fellow Christian lady whilst buying sex toy.

I equally don’t know when in APC formed a Northern Christians Leaders Group.

2019 Election

Babachir Lawal and Boss Mustapha LGA in Adamawa

APC – 20,471

PDP – 23,039

Dogara LGA in Bauchi

APC – 5,284

PDP – 23,664

Shettima @KashimSM LGA in Borno

APC: 146,181

PDP: 9,632

Nigerians Reacts

But is it fair for a State with 85% Muslim majority, to pick two Christians as Governor and Deputy and the people voted for them overwhelmingly with a Landslide victory? It shows the people did not consider the religious sentiments but competence. This happened just last month. Politically mature people do not regard religious orientation as a determinant factor. Even as a Christian, I don’t mind. If I go to a doctor, I want to assess his competence in his field not his religious leaning. That is not relevant for his competence! Sorry, Nigeria needs to stop being sentimental. This is the millennium. Let’s go for competence.

Dr. Jaiyesimi. Lagos.

What is wrong with Nigerians? These Northern Christians only want to negotiate and be promised positions. They are political hustlers. They went to Wike too. They are not VP material. Their desperation has proved this. We don’t need such characters.
Samuel, Trader. Abuja

This Muslim Muslim ticket is a joke. It is PDP, Peter Obi etc who are sponsoring people to oppose this ticket and we have evidence. It is their handwork and they will fail by God’s grace in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen. Since when did religious leaning matter so much to us? We want competence. We want people capable of fixing Nigeria. We need those that have done well in governance and who have human feelings to govern us. What’s all this exaggerated sentimentalism about religion? Atiku and Obi must stop it now now. We don’t need another Lebanon in Nigeria O. Religious war to tear the country? God forbid.
Christiana , Trader, Taraba.

Enough is enough. This Muslim Muslim issue has been discussed and the horse is dead so why flog it more. This Muslim Muslim ticket is done. Nothing can change it. Now, its for us to see how we are going to work together both Christians and Muslims to fix Nigeria. Is God a Christian or Muslim? We Must not allow the enemies of Nigeria to divide us. Let us support and vote for those who can do the job irrespective of their religion. Haba! They are Nigerians and eligible to hold the position.
Jeremiah, Teacher, Benue

Christianity preaches to love your neighbour as yourself. The 10 Commandments says this. Are Christians aware that they are sinning against God for discriminating against Muslims or Muslim Muslim ticket? Are these people not created by God? This is unacceptable. It is unchristian and ungodly behaviour. Let them ask for forgiveness. Don’t let politicians use their Propaganda to make you sin against God. Be your brothers keeper irrespective of religion. Be a good Christian.
Hannah, fashion designer. Jos.

The Bishops of churches, Leaders of CAN should be ashamed of themselves. They are instigating people against other Nigerians against what Jesus preached. They will all burn in hell fire. Why are they getting involved in politics? For their own selfish, greedy self. They want private Jets and worldly luxuries, yet they claim to lead congregations. What is Obi doing using the church to campaign? This is ungodly. I was in Dunamis church and I was totally embarrassed that they brought Obi to us. Many of us rejected him. I spoke with my Christian brothers & sisters. We are not voting Obi. NO. God does not approve of this. Jesus drove politicians & traders out of the temple, which is God’s house. Why are these people bringing traders, politicians into God’s house. I am now sure that Obi will receive the wrath of God and will never be President. Write it down.
Sister Glory, Church worker, Akwa Ibom

Leaders should stop using the church like this. Obi is not liked here and we won’t vote for him no matter what any pastor says. Why is he trying to divide Christians and Muslims for his selfish agenda? He does not deserve our votes. He will play divide and rule if he gets there. He is too desperate. Look at Tinubu who we expected to do gragra, the man is calm and cool. We need a mature father figure as a President. The man helps people both Christian and Muslim, from any Tribe without question. He is the leader we need now. Why is this gragra Obi misleading CAN Leaders and Bishops to sin against God? This is not what God wants from us.
Engineer Ifeanyi, Builder. Imo.

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