YORUBA NATION: No Restructuring, No Going Back on Yoruba Nation – IGBOHO


A self-acclaimed O’odua Activist, Chief Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Igboho has boasted that nobody can kill him or has the right to stop him and his co-agitators from holding the scheduled Yoruba Nation rally in Lagos State.

HeadlineNews reported that the Yoruba Nation rally has been scheduled to hold in Lagos State on July 3, while the convergence point will be Ojota Park, Lagos State, according to Igboho’s recent announcement.

Sunday Igboho has been at the forefront for the self-determination call of the Yoruba race from Nigeria to in order to found the Oduduwa Nation. The thrust of the rally is to sensitize the Yorubas on the need to join the call for secession as different campaigns have been held in the South Western states of Nigeria.

Responding to reports that protests would not be allowed in Lagos State, the activist averred that Lagos is a Yoruba state and as such no one has the right to stop him from protesting there.

Igboho, while accepting donations from well-meaning Yorubas in support of the Oduduwa Nation agitation including a vehicle, stated that Lagosians have confirmed their support for the rally and are ready to participate in the ‘peaceful rally’.

“Some people are going about saying we shouldn’t come to Lagos that we’ll be killed, it is a lie and it is all false. Nobody has said he will kill Igboho in Lagos, and nobody has said Igboho should not come to Lagos.

“I’m a true son of the soil, Lagos is a Yoruba land and does not belong to the Hausas or any other tribe, so let us focus on the current struggle and don’t let us dwell on rumours.

“Although in rumours, there are some elements of truth but we are optimistic. Lagos is a Yoruba land and majority of those in Lagos are Yorubas and the way Yorubas are suffering, many are not satisfied.

“We are not scared of anybody… We have done peaceful rallies across other southwest states and we are just creating awareness. We are not coming to Lagos to create crises or cause troubles. We are peaceful.

“Those thinking we won’t hold the rally in Lagos are deceiving themselves; we call on the Lagos state government to provide security operatives to protect the agitators on the said date.

“Lagosians are ready to receive us peacefully on July 3, we are coming with a peaceful awareness too.”

He stated further that majority of the Yorubas are favourably disposed to the establishment of the Oduduwa Nation and not the restructuring of the Nation as championed by some Oduduwa interest groups.

Regional leaders, politicians and groups have been calling for the restructuring of Nigeria, insisting that restructuring would provide the much-needed solutions to the problems of the Country.

However, Igboho has rejected the school of thought, insisting that the Yorubas have suffered for long and deserve to have a Nation they can call their own for their own benefit and in line with the ideology of the founding fathers.

The activist claims that, the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has allegedly marginalised the entire southwest region.

Igboho further called for the Yorubas to support him, explaining that the call for the establishment of the Oduduwa Nation cannot be successful without the unity of the Yorubas speaking with one voice.

According to him, “Our demand is simple, to tell Buhari that we do not want restructuring but a Yoruba Nation.

“On Yoruba Nation, no going back. We have our faith in God. When God heard the cries of Israelites, he answered them; the cries of Yorubas have been heard by God. Noah’s ark can be likened to the current Yoruba agitation.

“I’m saying it boldly; nobody can kill us in this current struggle. May God carry us to our destination.

“Many people are even ranting on social media concerning the struggle, they need to join and support. What we are currently having now is awareness and peaceful rallies across southwest states.

“Don’t think we are joking, what we are pursuing now is Yoruba Nation. I’m not the only one fronting the Yoruba Nation Agenda right now; there are many powerful people who I have been meeting and working with underground.”


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