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#Yoruba Ronu, Wahala Nbo.- Prof Oyawoye

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Prof Mrs Olubukola Oyawoye writes:


When they write destructive things about our leaders, they forgot to mentioned that Tinubu ordered ACN to vote for Jonathan so that a Southern President can emerge! They forgot that Tinubu and NADECO leaders fought for actualization of June 12 and before the nation had to bow, South West through Tinubu was always declaring holiday on June 12. *They forgot that no Igbo clan or Northern leaders supported June 12.
Please , people can vote who they chose and vote as they wish, we can trade our our right for political gains, aspiration and individual relevance as we have freedom of choice but please let us
1 Remember to honour our Yoruba leaders
2 Do not debase our heritage as Yorubas and assault our leaders and emerging leaders from Abraham Adesanya to Awolowo, Akintola Fashoranti, Bola Ige,Tinubu, Deji Adeleke and host of others. Do not speak evil of our leaders such as Fadahunsi, Wole Oke and our Yoruba Obas. When did you ever hear an Emir spoke badly of or an Obi abused?
4 I lived in the North for 25 years, I noticed that irrespective of the party , I never heard any Northern person abuse their leaders be He Buhari, Atiku, Datti Ahmed, Yuguda etc, they preserve , refer and protect them even when they are obviously wrong. Learn from Hausa’s and Igbos. What is wrong with the Yorubas? All our intelligence and intellectuals have set us back! Something is definitely wrong with the Yorubas
5. WE have so much problems and we are oblivion of it! Yoruba adage says ‘Igbo njona, obo gbalu, se obo o mo pe o ORISUN baba oun lon baje yen?. Well done , destroy your heritage, go and inherit Yola, Portacort , Inewi, Kaduna or Abuja. Then you will know the real owners. How many Yoruba business can trive in the East or North and will not be Sacked, burnt or raided? *Yoruba Ronu .
6.Whatever name you call your calabash, so shall it be call. We are the mouthpiece of Yoruba leaders destroyer abi? ! We call layi as lie Mohammed, we call Tinubu Tiefnubu, the Igbo call their own Obi , Obidient, the North Rankadede their Atiku even if he did much to hurt Nigerians during privatisation of Obasanjo. The North call him Atikulate. You are on the social media destroying your own leaders and Heritage! We are dragging our own Obasanjo, Tinubu, Aregbesola, Seyi Makinde, Aketi, and others down, this is evil.!We better think twice as you forward those destructive write ups on our leaders , remember that each of your wrong action or in action can destroy our own Yoruba entity. Think , Yoruba think. I am not talking about party, I am talking about our Heritage .They are using the youth to destroy the future and heritage they will inherit. WELL DONE.
My heart weeps for Yorubas. We are in the business of self destruction! My heart weeps for the group call Yorubas.
E duro de Igba ti Yoruba o ba rowo mu, e duro de igba ti Yoruba ba nbe eya miran ka to le soro. Oma se o 😨. What a pity

Prof Mrs Olubukola Oyawoye .

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