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#2023 Countdown: If You Are A Yoruba Supporter Of Peter Obi, Young Or Old, You Need To Read This Now For Justification Of Your Position.

If you’re a Yoruba supporter of Obi, ask your self if Igbos voted for Awolowo or MKO. Why is it always your own elders that are bad, but theirs’s are saints!!

Was MKO’s party in government previously in 1993 just as APC now for Tinubu? The reality of your decision today is that your tribesmen may never be president again. All your elders are subject of mockery but Igbos can bring an unknown entity, rebrand it, and sell to you as a saint. They tell you not about tribe but historically they never voted Yoruba candidates for presidency.

In 1979 election, Chief Obafemi Awolowo recorded an abysmal 0.8% and 0.7% of total votes cast in the then Imo and Enugu state. Was he not competent too?

Google 1993 election results and see that they did not also vote for MKO Abiola. Abiola lost in Enugu, Abia, Imo, and River state.

For me, if you don’t patronize me, I will not patronize you. I’m not a fool!! This is a federal election and not state election like Osun state where the candidates are Yoruba vs Yoruba.

For the fact that a candidate failed in a party does not AUTOMATICALLY means that everyone in the party will underperform given the opportunity. The same Igbos misleading our people are part of the problem too with their Biafra agitation which they av cleverly suspended. They championed EndSars protest as directed by Nnamdi Kanu to destroy Lagos. They are always insulting and troubling this Buhari man and even things he did well, they will never give credit.

Must it be their own president for us to progress? Is that how developed the South East is or we Yorubas are already emotionally blackmailed to the point we see nothing good about ourselves again?


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