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#2023 Election Countdown: It Will Be Dangerous To Hand Power To PDP – FFK

The PDP are a coven of shape-shifting reptilians, blood-sucking demons, end-time reprobates, bum-sucking perverts, unrepentant gangsters, self-serving carpet baggers, incorrigible rogues and thieving spirits who have no fear of God.

They are a congress of violent psychopaths, sociopathic monsters, mendacious malcontents, malicious malevolent, primitive fraudsters, troubled losers and dark and frustrated souls whose motto and battle cry is “SHARE THE MONEY”.

They are the missing link: half ape and half man. They are the Nephilim: the products and offspring of an unholy union and godless copulation between fallen angels and the daughters of men.

Worse still, they are led by a shady, unreliable, duplicitous, ruthless, treacherous, self-obsessed, vicious, parasitic, desperate, drug-dealing, non-binary and sexually-conflicted boy-lover who has spent his entire adult life living off and scamming the Nigerian state and plundering our resource


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