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2023 Elections: Dauda Lawal Dare’s Victory At Zamfara Polls Confirms 2023 Elections Most Credible In Nigeria, Defeating Elites Of Zamfara, Reps, State Assembly Lawmakers, Former & Serving Senators, Serving & Former Deputy Governors, Former & Incumbent Governor To Emerge Winner!

Dauda Lawal Dare’s It is indeed a generational shift in Zamfara State. Dauda Lawal Dare didn’t only defeat APC; he defeated the whole elite cycle of Zamfara State. He defeated:
1) Serving Governor.

2) Three(3) former Governors

3) Deputy Governor and Four (4) former deputy Governors

4) Two (2) Serving and two (2) former Senators

5) All APC House of Representatives members

6) Former APGA leader.

7) All serving APC House of Assembly Members

8) Majority of the political elites of Zamfara.

Dauda Lawal, you are indeed an example to the tyrants we are having as leaders in Nigeria.
The northern political class are more tolerance and less greedy than we southerners.

Nigerians React: Anybody who says the 2023 Elections are not credible, will definitely attract the wrath of God Almighty! Never has Nigeria witnessed such drastic surprises as we saw in this elections. Never. This Zamfara case will forever be a reference point! Imagine, a whole state lost to a younger generation? This could never have happened before, an Incumbent defeated in such a manner? Congrats to Lawal Dare, Congrats more to INEC for creating a free and fair environment for the people’s will to be effected. Prof Yakubu deserves an award! He did well. This is the good legacy Buhari was referring to!
Well done Buhari.
I am so so impressed! So, Nigerian Elections can be this credible and fair?
Oluwatoyin Madojutimi. Banker, Lagos.

I am shocked to the marrow! Can this be happening in Nigeria? Congrats to Nigerians, we should be proud. That was an APC State that was lost to PDP! I only have praises for INEC. Imagine Obi wasting his time at the Tribunal,Court. That idiot should look at the results of the guber, Assembly elections- his goats couldn’t get elected. Maybe he has only one State, Abia for Labour and we know the circumstances of that. The man will soon decamp when he realises he is all alone! Obi is the biggest fool of the century if only such a title exists. Obi is a scam.
Jude Friday, Journalist, FCT

Can somebody tell me how this LP think they can take over Nigeria without a structure? His few candidates will decamp because they will be frustrated wherever they are. He ruined their political career. He is selfish and wicked. He knew he could not win but wanted to scam people for money. Now he will tell them he used the money in court. His life is a big scam.



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