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#2023 Elections: The National Patriots Appeals To Nigerians For Peaceful Elections, Acceptance Of Results As Will Of Allah – Adebajo- Fraser.


Ahead of Saturday’s presidential election, presidential candidates of political parties on Wednesday converged in Abuja to sign a peace accord.


Those present at the event include All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, and his Peoples Democratic Party counterpart, Atiku Abubakar.

The National Patriots also ensued for peace appealing to Nigerians to embrace peace as God fearing people who should know that nothing can be without the Will of Allah. Allah crowns Kings and we are all at his mercy. Nigerians should accept the will of God, both Christians & Muslims and eschew violence. All power belongs to God Almighty.

God the omnipotent, omniscient already knows who would win the election according to Nigeria’s destiny. Why fight God’s will? Humans do not have the intelligence to understand for what reason God gives power to whom He wants, we only need to submit ourselves to the will of Allah always. There is no point in fighting against the will of Allah, those who do so will fail woefully with regrets. Nigeria is a secular country and we vote our President not based on religion but on competence and capacity. The National Patriots regret the indiscretion of Presidential Candidates whipping up sentiments in the polity to divide Nigerians on religious lines. This is most unfortunate and selfish. Nigerians have never been so divided along ethnic and religious lines like in this 2023 political campaign. We read, watched videos of Pastors, self proclaimed men of God blackmailing, threatening the congregation and Christians to vote for a Candidate or face hellfire. That is against the spirit of Christianity and capable of dividing Nigerians for the next 30 years unless we embark on a vibrant healing process after the elections. Men of God should be warned to desist from this sort of divisive strategy as their primary responsibility is to encourage Christians to salvation for their souls, not politics. In future, INEC should prevent this sort of  incitement which will resonate long after the elections if care is not taken. Such a Candidate who descended to this level, corrupting the Church, does not deserve to be trusted with power at the Presidential level. The uninformed congregation have been blackmailed to voting for him in order to go to heaven! The low literacy level amongst Nigerians made this possible.

We therefore have a lot of work ahead of us after the elections. We once again appeal to Nigerians to accept the results of the elections as the will of God, Allah and ignore those inciting ‘men of God’.

G.O of the Redeemed Church of Christ, PA Adeboye has directed his congregation to vote as they desire – that’s a true man of God who wants peace for the Nation. We appreciate and respect him. We wish Nigerians the best of luck in the elections and may the best, most suitable God approved man win.

As Patriots, we always put Nigeria first before anyone. We have evaluated all candidates and we have endorsed Tinubu. May God’s Will be done. Amen.


Princess Gloria Adebajo-Fraser MFR for National Patriots.


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