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2023 Guber Elections: Rigging Pen Uncovered. Public Warned To Check Pens Used At PUs.(VIDEO)

Headlinenews correspondents filed in a report with this video to warn the Nigerian electorate about this attempt to compromise the integrity of the INEC organised elections by some political parties. Reports based on interviews of some voters confirmed the pens were allegedly imported by the PDP and Labour Party to rig the elections. It was used discovered with someone in the SouthEast and Rivers and the matter is being investigated presently as they attempted to use them for Saturdays elections again. However, the public is being warned now so as to be on the look out in order to apprehend, arrest any adhoc officer found in possession of this pen.
The ink pen has an indelible ink which can be erased after use.
Headlinenews investigative reports confirmed that the pens were used by these parties to manipulate figures as it appears they were discovered in areas where a particular party recorded massive votes even in another region.
Those arrested will soon be arraigned and names made public.
Voters Beware.

Isa Mohammed.

Nigerians React:

This is obviously the reason Labour Party scored 97% in SouthEast and rigged Eti- Osa in Lagos and other parts of Lagos. They are riggers! They imported the pens.

Yes I agree. A friend of mine said that Obi travelled to Candada and China for some special device which they will use to rig the elections. My friend mentioned that Obi spoke about a magic pen. Now I understand. Inec must make those arrested to confess on how they got the pens. Saint Obi must be nailed.

True. Obi is the greatest rigger in Nigeria’s Political history. He is the biggest hypocrite alive today. I hope INEC will expose him in the Court case. I am happy he has gone to court so he will be disgraced and confronted with his rigging with evidence. The man is a fraudster.

Thank God this kind of person is not able to go far despite his rigging with magic pen. This is shameful. Please update us on any development. Voters must catch anybody seen with this pen. Watch out please.


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