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#2023 Guber! Voters Must Check This Before Voting!!!! The Records Are Clear.

Headlinenews.news discovered that the APC governed States Are more economically stable hence the reason why many Nigerians are migrating there for better livelihood. So, why not vote for more APC States so that the Nigerian economy will be well supported by the vibrant State economies and people will start to benefit from dividends of democracy. The States are responsible for the provision of basic amenities services, welfare, primary healthcare delivery, education, infrastructure in order to make life less stressful for the people. The APC States according to a thorough investigation, evaluation and assessment have proved beyond reasonable doubt that the progressives understand what they are doing! PDP States are far behind economically and in every aspect which has been listed above. “It’s most unfortunate that the people are unable to use their votes to change their condition” – Gabriel from Delta State who was interviewed by Headlinenews.news correspondent stated. ” We will vote PDP out and APC in by God’s grace, Saturday. We have suffered enough in our own state. Most PDP States have the same problem. Look at the money Buhari gave all NigerDelta States, besides Wike, none of the PDP States used their own allocation. They stole it, so we must vote them out. Vote PDP out! Unless you want to suffer another 8 Yrs. Only Rivers did well. Buhari even gave Wike award for most performing Governor because he used the money well. Northern States who didn’t get such financial support still tried their best like Borno! APC Sak Ooooooo” ….


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