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#Advocacy for Academic Space: Let Lecturers Breathe

The practice of diverting funds to private accounts traces back to previous administrations, but unlike Buhari, Tinubu is proving to be a different leader.

In an unfortunate incident, Betta Edu, a Minister, was reportedly observed generously gifting her staff 500 USD for lunch. Despite concerns raised by the recipients about the excessive amount, it underscores the abundance of funds.

President Buhari sanctioned salary increments of 25% and 35% for tertiary institution workers, documented in the 2023 budget. Surprisingly, the Finance Minister and Accountant General failed to implement this directive, perhaps taking advantage of the lax enforcement under Buhari.

President Tinubu, however, has encountered resistance in the execution of his order to pay 4 out of 8 months’ withheld salaries and implement the salary increments. This discrepancy highlights the difference in leadership styles between Tinubu and Buhari.

The delay in implementing Tinubu’s directive raises questions for the Minister of Finance and the Accountant General – who is hindering the disbursement of lecturers’ salaries?


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