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#Air Peace Alerts Public to Website Fraud Scheme

Nigerian carrier Air Peace has sounded the alarm regarding fraudsters who are cloning its website in order to deceive customers.

The airline, which recently inaugurated direct flights from Lagos to the United Kingdom (UK), issued the warning via a post on Twitter on Wednesday.

According to Air Peace, the perpetrators behind the cloned website utilized elements of its official website to create the fraudulent platform, which they presented as the airline’s legitimate booking portal.

The airline highlighted instances where passengers seeking to book UK flights through its authentic website fell victim to fraudsters operating the counterfeit site.

The statement reads: “We have become aware of the existence of a website, “www.flyairpeace.uk”, falsely claiming to be an official Air Peace platform and defrauding unsuspecting individuals.

“We wish to clarify that this fraudulent website does not belong to Air Peace. The sole and authentic website of Air Peace remains “www.flyairpeace.com”.

“We urge the public to disregard this website entirely, as it is posing as Air Peace and exploiting passengers.”

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