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#Breaking! 2023 Guber: Nkechi, An IPOB Woman Campaigning For Labour Party Gubernatorial Candidate Chinedu Gbadebo (GRV) In The Ibo Community, Lagos For “Chinedu Her Ibo Son” To Emerge Governor Of Lagos.(Video)

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This is the Lagos State Gubernatorial Candidate Of the Labour Party who has been identified as a member of the infamous IPOB due to his tweets and social media presence monitored by Nigerians. The security agencies have been notified and he may be invited for questioning.

His mother Nkechi an IPOB activist can be heard campaigning for her son among the Ibo community in Lagos, insisting the Ibos must take Lagos from the Yorubas.

Many Lagosians interviewed are of the opinion that the support Yoruba Christians gave the Ibos in Lagos against Tinubu’s Presidential contest has given the Ibos in Lagos the courage and audacity to speak like this and challenge their host- the Yorubas in Lagos. Many are calling on the Yorubas to act before it’s too late and reject the Labour Party’s agenda to install an IPOB member as Governor of Lagos.



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