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# Breaking! Analysis Of Votes In Zones To Justify Tinubu’s Emergence As Winner Of 2023 Presidential Elections.

Please, for those of us pushing the narrative that Obi was rigged out, kindly check these out.

*In the North West,*
Tinubu scored 2,653,235
Atiku scored 2,329,802
Obi scored. 350,188

*In the South West*
Tinubu scored 2,279,407
Atiku scored. 941,941
Obi scored. 846,478

*In the South East*
Tinubu scored. 127,605
Atiku scored. 91198
Obi scored. 1,960,589

*In the South-south*
Tinubu scored. 799,957
Atiku scored 719,908
Obi scored. 1,210,673

*In the North East*
Tinubu scored. 1,185,458
Atiku scored. 1,741,851
Obi scored 315,108

*In the North central *
Tinubu scored. 1,670,091
Atiku scored. 1,087,884
Obi scored. 1,133,840

Please, where is the pathway to the Presidency? Where was he rigged out? SW? NW? …..

Tinubu won the plurality of votes in the NW, NC, and SW

Tinubu was second in votes scored in SE, SS, and NE.

93 Senatorial Seats out of 109 announced :

APC. 51 Seats
PDP. 27 Seats
LP. 5 Seats
NNPP. 2 Seats
SDP. 2 Seats
YYP. 1 Seat
PGA. 1 SeatHeadLine-News-Logo1





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