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#Breaking! APC President-Elect Has Hit The Ground Running, Stay Tuned & Come On Board – National Patriots.

Pat Utomi and Emir Sanusi, to lead the planning for Nigeria’s growth and development.

1. Students loans of N150k to be given to university students yearly at N75k per semester will be means tested b4 awarded.

2. Salaries to be increased after discussions with state governors and unions.

3. Agricultural price guarantee and marketing boards to be reintroduced.

4. New methods of cattle rearing to be practised.

5. Water to be pumped from River Benue to lake Chad.

6. Coal mines in Enugu to be revived and coal electricity generating plants to be introduced.

7. 25% of our National budget to be spent on education.

8. 11% of our national budget to be Spent on health.

9. Subsidies on petrol to be removed.

10. Constant and stable electricity to be pursued more vigorously.

11. Mortgage reforms to be introduced so that individuals with 10% deposit can buy flats or houses.

12. Ajaokuta to be completed and its steel will be used for our railways and buildings.

13. Economic growth rate will be 10%/15%per year,


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