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#Breaking! As The World Celebrates International Women’s Day, National Patriots Joins To Recognise Nigeria’s Amazons.

Who is a woman?
When she is quiet,
millions of things are
running through her
mind. When she stares at
you, she is wondering
why she loves you so
much in spite of being
taken for granted. When
she says I will stand by
you, she will stand by you
like a solid rock. Never
hurt her or take her for
granted. Someone asked
her, Are you a working
woman or a housewife?
She replied: Yes, I am a
full-time working
housewife. I work 24
hours a day. I’m a Mum.
I’m a Wife. I’m a
Daughter. I’m a Daughter-
in-law. I’m an Alarm
clock. I’m a Cook. I’m a Maid as well as a Teacher. I’m a
Waitress and a Nanny.
I’m a Nurse. I’m a
Handywoman. I’m a
Security officer. I’m a
Counsellor. I’m a
Comforter. I don’t get
holidays. I don’t get sick
leave. I don’t get day off. I
work through day and
night. I’m on call all hours
and get paid with a
sentence. “What Do U Do
All Day??” A Woman has
the most unique
character like salt! Her
presence is never
remembered, but her
absence makes all the
things tasteless. SHARE it
to all the lovely ladies…Ur
Mother. Ur Wife. Ur
daughter. Ur sister & Ur
SHARE to every woman
to make her smile and to
every man to make him
realize a woman’s worth.

I salute all women.
I adore my wife.
I equally thank my beloved mother for what she went through for me.
You are all respected

Happy International Women’s Day

Headline News

Headlinenews celebrates & salutes the great women of this World – past & present for their commendable achievements and outstanding contributions to the sustainable development of their constituencies, Nation and Womanhood.
These are women of courage whose strides have left an indelible print in the sands of time and history! Women who have dared to think outside the box to contribute their quota to the uplifting of womenfolk in the global sphere. These women no doubt are like men in a man’s world with no complex about their gender but respected for their intellectual prowess, intelligence, capacity, capability, competence and mindset.
Such women ought to be considered as God’s blessing to mankind.
Today, as the World celebrates the International Women’s Day, we join the World to celebrate and recognise our women in whom we are proud in Nigeria.
The National Patriots also celebrates those outstanding women who have distinguished themselves as icons of Patriotism and role model for Nigerians (male & female) on what Patriotism is about in a multi-cultural multi-religious Nation like Nigeria.
It’s important for our women, mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers to be recognised and celebrated not just once a year, but everyday and always!

We will only recognise a few women today of different age bracket to celebrate the International Women’s Day. They are all being given Awards by Headlinenews and
The National Patriots.

H.E.Aisha Buhari
H. E.Oluremi Tinubu
Folorunsho Alakija
Amina Mohammed
Princess Gloria Adebajo-Fraser MFR
Ibukun Awosika
Hon. Justice Amina Adamu Augie.
Hon Justice Kudirat Kekere- Ekun.
Hon Justice Odili
Ngozi Okoji- Iweala
Mrs Daisy Danjuma
Arc Segun Abiodun
Hon Titi Oseni.
Hon Teju Philips
All Governors’ Wives.
All female Ministers.

Octogenarian Category.
Olori Irene Adebajo. (98 years)
Chief Mrs Ibidun Lawson.(94+)
Chief Mrs Moet (94)
Chief Mrs Alakija (90+)

Youth Category
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Georgie Fraser
Bolatito Rinu Oduala (Savvy Rinu)

We also recognise all those wonderful women, ladies out there, even though we are unable to place your names on this list, we acknowledge you all. Thank you for being there for us and making us proud! You all deserve to be celebrated.
Women do so much and must be appreciated in any society!!!!

Do you know that the current & longest serving Prime Minister of Bangladesh is a woman?

One day, Nigeria too will celebrate a female Governor, Vice President and maybe President!!!!!

Headlinenews in partnership with the National Patriots!



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