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#Breaking! Don’t Waste Your Vote On Peter Obi. Vote Wisely For The Best Candidate Most Likely To Win, Tinubu Is The Chosen One By God’s Grace.

Those who were born in 2004 and voting for the first time in 2023 rightly believed that PiTOBi is actually running and that he can win. We must allow them to grow on their own terms.

But if you 40+ and have voted before and you think Obi is a candidate, you are a childish adult😉

I understand with the young people who think they don’t want to have anything to do with the older generation, they have all the time to grow and wise up. But older person who believed Obi was in Egypt to meet with Siemens should check himself, things are not alright loving a liar.

A young mentee came to me and said Sir, I want you to tell why l can’t vote Obi. I said you were part of EndSARS agitation, your demand was that SARS should be investigated, he said YES.

Did you follow the Lagos Panel? YES.
Did you follow Anambra? NO
I said Obi was invited but he took the panel to court and refused to attend.

He said ‘Sir, are you sure’? I asked him to verify. I said if you now vote a man who ridiculed your core principles on SARS, then you are unprincipled.

He looked at me and said who do I vote for: I said just don’t vote if you can’t find anyone.
It is why I said any EndSARS generation member who think Obi is an alternative, lacks the ideological fidelity to the core principles of their 2020 insurrection.

If your core agenda in 2020 is against police brutality, you shouldn’t be found, with Obi, even for entertainment value. The only reason why Obi refused to appear before the Anambra EndSARS Tribunal was because he as a Governor and his administration had the highest petition before the tribunal.

Peter Obi while he was a Governor of Anambra used the SARS, headquarters, in Awkuzu, Anambra state to kill and maim a lot of Anambra youths. The story of the dead bodies floating on Ezu river is still fresh in the mind of Anambrarians, hence Obi secured an injuction against the tribunal.

If indeed his hands were clean, why didn’t he appear before the tribunal. So all EndSARS agitators who are currently supporting Peter Obi do not have any sense of history or they are just following the band wagon without any direction.

You may decide not to vote in the Presidential election if other candidates don’t appeal to you but you must have betrayed yourself if you can’t stand for something for long.✌🏽

APGA was formed in 2003, Tinubu formed AC which later became ACN. Despite the initial setback of 2007, Tinubu refused the offer by Yar’adua to join the Unity Government. He kept on pushing and building alliances.

By 2008, he retrieved Edo, Osun, Ekiti. APGA leaders couldn’t do the hard work of building the party like Tinubu. By 2011, the party had become the main opposition party. The people of the south east and APGA become caught in the phantom promises, the enslavement by the PDP and need to build APGA and major alliances.

What you see today is not a fluke. None of the contestants laid this type of political foundation. Asiwaju is on his way to Asorock, the journey started in 2006.

Why I won’t vote Obi.

Obi is a simple man who isn’t extravagant. He would rather save money than invest it in the development of the people and the state

Obi was sued for diverting N5billion from the state treasury to a company allegedly owned by the family of Obi

Obi hurriedly conducted local govt election a few weeks before his departure. Despite promising to do that within three months if elected for this second term.

Obi was Atiku’s vice in 2019, the same Atiku who was reported to bribe delegates millions to clinch the ticket. Why didn’t he stand up for integrity and call out the system?

More so, he was a 2-term governor, in the same period with Fashola, Akpabio, Okorocha, and Wamakko, and the only major legacy we hear or read about him is that he saved Anambra money.

Undoubtedly, he loves Education, and there are various testimonies online to that, more so, his academic career is enormous. Maybe he could be our Minister of Education.

Even at that, Anambra University was on a 6-month strike during his tenure

Obi is suited for a simple system, but not a complex and dynamic system like Nigeria and its politics.

He was chairman of the Nigerian Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). What legacy or innovation did he set in place? I found none.

Obi has hyperthymesia, he can give you figures and facts on the spot, though many have been fact-checked to be lies. He is a vibe-master, and sweet talker, so I get why the Gen Zs are tearing their clothes for him.

There are reports that Obi used SARS operatives to oppress the youths in Anambra, but I guess OBIdients have forgotten and forgiven him. Obi ran to the court not to appear on the #EndSAR panel Obi didn’t really take Anambra from good to better, if not, Anambra people won’t be running to Lagos. I would like to be proven wrong with pictures or proof of what he actually did.

If Obi did an excellent job, Anambra people would be behind him. They are not fools, they want a better life. The person that he supported (under PDP) in 2017 lost. Despite Obi raising his hands, he even lost in Obi’s LGA. His people deserted him!

Obi handed over to Willie (same party), but it seems there was no proper succession plan. He didn’t have a master plan or roadmap for Anambra, and we saw how that turned out. I hope Soludo cleans up the mess and makes Anambra habitable.

The yearn for Obi is not because he has a fantastic track record like BAT and Atiku, but because of the hate for APC and PDP.

Peter Obi preferred to save Anambra money in Fidelity Bank where he was the chairman instead of using them to invest in infrastructure and while owing contractors more than N100b. Anambra money in personal banks and family businesses.. This is some Hong Kong level of governance.

Engr. Samson Orlu, Comrade Tunde Olatobiloba, Amina Adamu.
Representing Nigerians.


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