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#Breaking! Ex- Twitter Employees Fired By Elon Musk Create Similar App, Users Hit Millions.

Two former Twitter employees Alphonzo Phonz Terrell and DeVaris Brown are currently developing a Twitter-like social media platform they are dubbing “Spill.” Terrell and Brown were part of the Twitter workforce cutdown by Elon Musk during the mass firing in November with a three months severance package.

Both individuals now claimed to have used the severance package from Musk towards developing and promoting s a substitute for the bird app.

The two developers continued by saying that the Spill app would cater to “cultural drivers” and act as a haven for Black Twitter artists.

Using their Twitter page to promote the new app, they said: “The app is meant to be a real-time discussion platform that puts culture first and it will debut in January.”

What are the two former Twitter employees’ plans for Spill Terrell led Twitter’s global social and editorial operations up until he was fired by Elon Musk. On the other hand, Brown focused mostly on machine learning while working as a product manager lead at Twitter.

Speaking on the new project in an essay, Terrell disclosed that the Spill app will use blockchain to compensate users for popular posts and will include a feature called “tea parties” where users can gather online or in real life to connect.

Announcing the app, Terrell tweeted: “However, the blockchain is used to both credit artists and set up a model for us to automatically compensate them. It works incredibly well if they have a spill that becomes popular and we monetize it.”



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