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#Breaking! Exclusive: Obi Protesters in London interviewed! (Video)

Headlinenews reports Protests from a section of Nigerians in London who were active during the EndSars Protests and are known for being used for anti- government Protests.
Nigerians have reacted to this Protest at the Nigerian Embassy in London. According to reports reaching Headlinenews correspondents, similar protests are being organised in major cities around the world where the Nigerian Embassies are located and a large number of Nigerians work, study, live.

Headlinenews interviewed some Nigerians on this embarrassing protest.

Headlinenews: Hi there, don’t you think you are embarrassing the Nigerian government and your country by coming out here to protest an election which has been certified as Credible by even foreign Observers from the UK with the British Prime Minister congratulating the President- Elect as a result?

Protester: We feel strongly about Peter Obi, we learnt the election results were manipulated by INEC, so we want justice to be done. We want to draw the attention of the World. We want our voice to be heard.

Headlinenews: What do you intend to achieve with this action besides noisemaking?

Protester: Well, we hope the global community will force Nigeria to cancel the elections and organise another one without irregularities.

Headlinenews: Firstly, you are educated, so you can understand what I am about to explain. Nigeria is a sovereign Nation. No global power can complel Nigeria to do anything. Nigeria has its own electoral laws with provision and processes for anyone who is aggrieved by the election results to follow. Its simple. As we speak now, your candidate Peter Obi’s legal team are preparing papers to file soonest, maybe next week. Are you aware of that?

Protester: Yes, he intends to reclaim his mandate in Court with the available evidence.

Headlinenews: Excellent, you are quite current. So, what’s the rationale in what you are doing here? Your action here doesn’t make any sense at all. It appears to be just a show which lacks reason. You are here in the UK, Protests are common here, but for a justifiable reason where one does not have the opportunity or process to address one’s grievances. Your protest therefore lacks merit, most especially as you are aware your candidate is going through the legal process for redress. If anything at all, your Protests may work against him. It may be considered as subjudice since the matter is in Court.

Protester: I didn’t know that. We were told to go and protest and demand for Obi at the Embassy. That’s why I’m here.

Headlinenews: Would you like a friendly advise? Go home. I am sure you have more valuable things to do with your time here. Go home. The US President, Prime Minister of France, British PM, African Union, Ecowas, and Leaders of many countries especially the G7 countries have accepted and congratulated the President- Elect of Nigeria. The US government advised any candidate who is aggrieved to go to Court not to use civilians for Protests. The Nigerian President Buhari also warned the candidates not to protest but to use the legal process provided for candidates with their evidence. We need to be civilised in our approach to resolving issues. Protests in cities around the world wouldn’t help your candidate but portray him as a desperate man who has no respect or regard for legal processes and global Leaders. Such a person cannot be trusted with power.

Protester: OK, I see what you mean. You need to convince the others. Some are so defiant, I don’t think they will listen. They are hooked on Obi like a drug!

Headlinenews: You know better now, so you educate those who would listen. You are all embarrassing the Country and your action will affect your candidate negatively.
Good luck.

Protester: Thank you. Please don’t use my name in your story. I like the way you interviewed me and explained everything. You are a different type of Nigerian. I think Headlinenews is a good paper. I will check your stories online now. Thanks!

Headlinenews: You are welcome. People in Nigeria have moved on now. We are back to normal life. The Naira scarcity has been resolved and once the Gubernatorial Elections are concluded next week, life returns to normal for everybody back home. Don’t allow yourselves to be used dear. Your parents and family need you. You have a bright future ahead of you. Are you a student?

Protester: Yep.

Headlinenews: Focus on your studies and get good grades so you can make Nigeria proud and help address our lapses. We are a developing nation and need resourceful hands to grow. Have you read the renewed hope manifesto? There is a very interesting policy for the Youth. Tinubu is putting in place some great programmes for youth integration. Stop the fight. Get on board. Nigeria is your country. Try to make it better. Tinubu is the President – Elect so give him a chance and support. He is there because God made it possible.
God bless

Protester: Will think about it. You sound convincing. Is it true or just the usual promises they never keep?

Headlinenews: Tinubu will keep his promise to Nigerians by Gods grace.
Have you heard of the National Patriots? Check on Headlinenews, they may have some information. I know they are setting up a Youth wing to ensure the Youth develop the spirit of Patriotism for their country – Nigeria.

Protester: How can you be so sure Tinubu will keep his promise to the Youth? You seem so sure.

Headlinenews: You may not understand because you have been away from Nigeria for so long from your accent. The sensibilities and sensitivities of Nigerians make us know who is deceiving us to get into power or who genuinely wants to make a change for the better. Tinubu is not a young man, he wants to leave a good legacy. He has the money, all he needs and wants is to fix Nigeria and leave a good name. He has a politically active young son who won’t let him forget his promise to the youth. He believes in the youth and he is the first president in the last 30 years who is a tested politician having been a Senator, Governor and Leader. He understands the importance of the dividends of democracy to the people. He is a Democrat, a humble leader and committed to the people. Check Headlinenews, I will post some stories to educate you more about Tinubu. Most of you have been misled by all you read on social media most of which are Propaganda and misinformation. Now is the time to disabuse your minds and be realistic.

Protester: Wow, this is something different. Can I have your number? You need to talk to other people. You know so much. I am impressed. I am not doing any Protests again.

Headlinenews: I am sorry I can’t share my number for obvious reasons. Just visit Headlinenews regularly and our stories will give you a balanced view of what is really happening in Nigeria and around the World. We are hosted in New York with technical support in London. We have a base in Lagos, Abuja and correspondents all over the world. Thank you for your time.

Headlinenews.news investigative reports in London confirm that a group of Ibo Restaurant owners in London contributed substantial funds with funds allegedly given by Obi and mobilised Nigerians with money to go out and protest for Obi to reclaim the mandate. They convinced Nigerians that Obi directed them to do so if they are true Obidients. This action may therefore jeopardise Obi’s chances while seeking redress in Court in Nigeria.

The protest cost thousands of pounds as Protesters received between £150 to £200 each depending on travelling distance and status. Some even received as much as £300 That makes a lot of difference in the poor economic situation of the UK.

The interview was conducted off camera and recording at the insistence of the Protester.


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