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Breaking! Igbo Traders Alert Police, LASG On IPOB Infiltration & Attacks.


Tuesday March 07, 2023

Association of Western Igbo Traders in Lagos

Urgent Media Release


We write to alert the Police and the Lagos State Government about dangerous developments across Lagos.

We warn that elements whose forebears spurred the Civil war are at it again, this time in a more dangerous, determined and vicious manner.

We are compelled to inform the police and the LASG about the presence of IPOB SPECIAL SQUARD IN LAGOS led by one Nnamdi Okereke, a retired Soldier.

We are in custody of information that this group has in the past two months brough dangerous weapons to Lagos hidden ij several market places in pursuance of the Biafra Agenda.

The SQUARD has the mandate to attack Igbo markets and burn them. The strategy is to invoke sympathy for Igbo ahead of the election

The mandate is to cause enough crisis and disaffection among Yoruba and Igbo with the hope that many Yoruba and Igbo will sympathise and vote for Labour Party which they seem to be supporting.

The IPOB SPECIAL SQUARD are about 97 well trained men made up of some retired Igbo soldiers, civilians and retired police ratings who belong to the IPOB Western Command with its headquarters in Asaba.

They also have designed to kill fellow unsuspecting Igbo ahead of the election in order to seek sympathy and portray the Igbo as being attacked by Yoruba.

15 major markets have been marked for attacks. They will also attack Yoruba markets leaving the impression that Igbos are fighting back to spur Yoruba into counter attacks.

This is a plan to cause national crisis and scuttle the outcome of the last Presidential election while preventing or scuttling the Governorship election come Saturday.

We have sought audience with the Lagos State Governor on two occasions without success hence our decision to make this public.

We would have approached the police but we are not sure of who may be working as agents for IPOB.

The grand design is to turn Lagos into turmoil and spur violence across Nigeria.

This they assume will further the cause of Biafra agitation their canddiate having lost the Presidential election.

We call on the Police, the Lagos State Government to live up to its responsibility by nipping this problem in the bud.

We are Delta Igbo. Some of us have priviledge to attend some of the Igbo meetings. We do not belong to the mainstream Igbo. We are infact Western Igbo and part of the old Western Region
Unfortunately, when there is any crisis, we are a major target since we are grouped together.

We have passed on this vital information with the hope that drastic steps will be taken to forestall any major crisis ahead, during and after the Saturday election. Thank you.


Chief Levinus Obiakor

Mr John Ishiekwene


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