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#Breaking! “Lagos Is Yorubaland”- Prof Akintoye Counsels Lagosians Over Guber Elections.


The Yoruba Nation Self-determination Struggle leader, Professor Adebanji Akintoye has waded into the ongoing controversy over Lagos State gubernatorial election, calling on other Yoruba leaders to do all that is necessary to ensure Southwest cities do not fall into the hands of foreigners to the land.

He said the current situation of Igbo’s claim to Lagos as the Lagos State election draws closer, is an act of contempt that should be resisted at all costs. He said Lagos is an incontestable ancient city of the Yoruba people ” Lagos is Yoruba Land , Protect it ” -Akintoye charge Yorubas over Gober election on Mar. 11th .

In the wake of the on-going electioneering campaign which is powering the Igbo community in Lagos claiming that Lagos is no man’s land and that Igbos have the right of it and therefore would vote on Saturday March 11 en-mass in order to grab the mega-city, Professor Akintoye said the Yoruba people see Igbos as their brothers and for several years have opened the gate for them to amass wealth. He said the hospitality should not be taken as a weakness for them to ride rub-shod on their Yoruba brothers, and claim they own Yoruba ancient city.

Akintoye urged the Igbo different communities in Lagos to stop whipping up the sentiments that would turn Yorubas and Igbos against one another as already, there is a common enemy that should be fought diplomatically so that South Nigeria people would regain their old dignity as leaders in Africa and guarantee a good life for the people.

Professor Akintoye in a voice note said all Igbos are our brothers and not our enemies. He said the current attempt by the Igbos to lay claim to Lagos ownership is an act of contempt and there should be no reason for the abuse of Yoruba people’s hospitality and generosity.

The Yorubas are a receptive and accommodating people who love strangers and neighbors and want comfort for them and this has been the Yoruba people’s nature and the traits which they are known for and which they carry to anywhere they are in the world.

According to Professor Akintoye, both Yorubas and Igbos should be wary of a common enemy in the Fulanis occupying South Nigeria lands and claiming they have been willed to them by God as they currently invoke many tactics to grab South Nigeria. The current event is part of the tactics to set both Igbos and Yorubas against each other.


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