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#BREAKING: More of Yahaya Bello’s Indiscretion Revealed.

A governor collects money from the state

He changes it to dollars.

And pays it to a school in Abuja

Almost 900,000 dollars was transferred to the school

After the school deducts all the money for all his children in the school to their last days in their Final years, there is an excess of 760,000 dollars

The school keeps the money so that if he man produces more children in future he can send them to the school

But an American school should be able to sniff money laundering from a mile

Yet the school keeps quiet

Until EFCC starts probing and digging

Here the school is begging EFCC to provide an account into which it can return Bello’s money

Ododo who calls himself an accountant says Kogi’s money is not missing

That’s expected

A puppet cannot think for itself

This is why Kogi would have been a little better with just an Olodo.

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