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#Breaking! Nigerians To Ignore Warning On Cold Weather Attributed To Aphelion.

Headlinenews investigative reports gathered that contents of a recent post attributing cold weather being experienced in Nigeria from now till the end of March to the Aphelion period is incorrect and a Google myth which does not have any scientific backing or confirmation..
Headlinenews research team would like to confirm that we are presently in the period known as Perihelion which means we are closest to the Sun at this time.
The Aphelion phenomenon will not cause extremely cold weather as alluded as the Aphelion period is in July.

It will be wise to exercise caution in believing everything one reads because its from Google etc. There are researchers who specialise on various issues and sectors and the Headlinenews Research Team collaborates with them to verify facts and information being released to the public for accuracy and veracity.
Headlinenews is committed to delivering verified contents to its readers!

Imran Khazaly





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