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#Breaking! Obasanjo Leaked Inciting Audio Tape : Donald Duke Issues Refuttal (Read Attached).

Headlinenews investigative reports observed an audio recording which has gone viral of the former President Obasanjo, Former Governor Donald Duke and Activist Charly Boy Oputa discussing about inciting Nigerian Youths To Protest and not accept the result of the just concluded Presidential Elections which was won by AshiwajuvBola Ahmed Tinubu and rated Credible by all foreign & African Observers.
The controversial audio was leaked into the public domain and there has been denials from all three personalities whose ‘voices’ were apparently involved in the infamous discussion to plunge the country into civil unrest and truncate our democracy.
Headlinenews therefore presents the letter of refuttal issued by Donald Duke and will publish other evidences and documents received accordingly.
Headlinenews is awaiting a report by FactCheck on this audio recording for professional investigation.
Headlinenews as an International newspaper is committed to objective reportage and peace in Nigeria as partners to the National Patriots organisation.

It appears that certain forces are determined to truncate the present democracy and Nigerians must be cautious at this period. Don’t always believe all you read, hear or see and do not allow yourselves to be used to destroy the peace in the Country for any reason. Nigerians are good people and we pray to God for divine healing after the elections for the sake of Nigeria as Patriots.
It is a very delicate period for our Country. We are a God fearing people, so let us believe that nothing can be without the Will of God. All power belongs to God Almighty. May all those faceless people who are working behind the scene to derail our democracy fail.
Those in the audio recording are Patriots and wouldn’t want Nigeria destroyed.
There are softwares today which utilises artificial intelligence to simulate a person’s voice and make them say anything one wants. It’s modern technology. AI is a big technological milestone in the world. Nigeria, unfortunately should not deploy its use to destroy our Country but to build it like in other African countries.
Let us pray and give peace a chance. God bless Nigeria.

Dr. Hameeda
The National Patriots.

The leaked audio tape….



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