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Breaking! Peter Obi Bursted, Confirmed Drug Baron According To Chief Ignatius Chinadozie’s Report.


Peter Obi must warn his useless mob and gangsters of supporters to desist from threatening my wife and family, they have done nothing wrong. He should be bold and man enough to face me squarely.

He should not push me to providing evidence that will tell the world about his cocaine scandal that has banished him from Malaysia. He should not make me explain to the world how I helped him pay $58k to security officials in Kuala Lumpur when they almost bursted him.

He still has my phone numbers. Ask him about Chief Ignatius K. Chinadozie.

The Tinubu alleged but unproven scandals will be a joke when I reveal those of Peter Obi….. I used to like you my brother until you betrayed me. The evil….. against my people have gone on for far too long but sadly, you are not the one to salvage the Igbo Nation. Remember what you did that unfortunate night at downtown Chinatown where you abandoned me and fled because you suspected guys following us were Police officers? I have more to reveal but don’t make me do this.

I’ll be telling the world about the contracts you got to bring in coke for some gangsters in Bukit Bangsar, a suburb of Kuala. Remember your popular “We don make am” slang Or do we get started on how you built your Next shopping mall…Okwute, you won’t like me.

And pls, send my $58k I need the money I don’t care about your presidential bid or anything cos you’re worse than Tinubu and Atiku combined and the Igbo Nation should stop their obvious hypocrisy right away. I will be coming on air soon to grant interviews if you don’t desist from calling my name and sending your hoodlums to threaten my family.

Asari Dokubo has taken you up on this issue. He’s a man who knows your past just like I do. He’s challenged you but what did you do? instead of taking him to court you sent your killer squad to hunt him down with the leader being Chisom fearless from Durban, South Africa.

I put it to you Gregory that you are a merchant of illicit drugs and narcotics. Meanwhile, the footballer you destroyed his career, remember him? The guy who played for Selangor FC was arrested 5 years ago for attempting suicide and he’s currently suffering from depression. Your drugs destroyed him, Okwute. You have somehow found a way to secretly drive away the families of Abuchi Ngwoke and Ekene Collins, students in your school of gangsterism who’ve both been sentenced to death for drug crimes.

Despite my warnings, Okwute you found your way to bring cultism into Malaysia and in most cases use these boys to settle scores in your drug wars. Now, there are cult wars everywhere in Malaysia and the image of Nigeria have been badly damaged. Needless to remind you that the methamphetamine which you are part and parcel of as a cartel leader has destroyed the lives of our youths in Igboland. Hope you’re happy seeing the frequent deaths in Igbo land these days because it’s the result of your handiwork. Hope you will be kind enough to explain to the people you seek to lead that your campaign finances are from IPOB sympathisers outside Nigeria.

“Oke oshimmiri anokataghi rie onye
obula nke o na-ahughi ukwu ya anya”

Igikay writes from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Can this be true?


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