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#Breaking! Peter Obi Violated Electoral Law On Emergence, Set For Disqualification, NGO Petitions INEC.

Headlinenews investigative reports confirm that an NGO (name withheld) is working on the submission of a petition to INEC and obtaining legal opinion on the legality of Peter Obi’s participation in the Presidential Election.

The NGO is acting based on Obi’s violation of Section 77 of the Electoral Act 2022, which clearly stipulates that: ‘Each Party Is Required To Maintain A Membership Register In hard and soft copy and to make such register available to the Commission not later than 30 days before the date fixed for primaries, congresses, and conventions’.

Peter Gregory Obi joined the Labour Party on the 27th May 2022, (after leaving the PDP just before the PDP primaries) and won the Labour Party Presidential Ticket on the 30th May 2022 within 3 Days only in contravention and total disregard of this important Electoral Law.

The NGO carefully pointed out that laws are made for certain reason in order to prevent actions which may undermine the integrity of the political system and the electoral system by extension.

Cross carpeting has had its negative effect on the integrity of Nigeria’s Political system. Political parties are unable to develop their political ideologies, indentity & manifestos due to this political indiscipline and lack of respect for Electoral laws. The Electoral Act is supposed to prevent such acts which may affect the political future of other Nigerians as is being experienced presently in various states.

An example is in the celebrated case of Eti- Osa Local Government in Lagos State where an illustrious son and indigene of the community Barrister Adewale Ademiluyi won the Labour Party Primaries fairly and legally with majority votes conducted in accordance with Electoral laws.

When Peter Obi gatecrashed into the Labour Party with impunity against the laid down Electoral laws, Barr Ademiluyi’s name was illegally removed as the candidate representing Eti-Osa and substituted with the name of a non- Indigene who trades in the area as Peter Obi directed. Other candidates in Lagos and other States were affected.

Many protested but were ignored as the Leaders were at loggerheads and Peter Obi had to settle them financially before they jettisoned the primaries held and conducted another set of primaries against the provisions of the Electoral Act. Peter Obi’s total disregard of this vital Electoral Law has done irreparable damage to the political aspiration and future of many young politicians who committed their resources, time and energy to what they thought was a political party with better ideals not realising the Labour Party is just as corrupt as the other parties in the old order.

They insist that the Labour Party can not represent any new order because the fundamentals & foundation are false, corrupt and based on lies,deceit like other Nigerian political parties. One Suleiman interviewed stated thus: Peter Obi is not the Messiah that he is being made out to be, but a selfish man who only cares for himself and not others. It is all a big hype and the Nigerian Christians who voted for him are the mugus! We know the real Obi and he prefers Ibo people to any other Nigerian.

He put so many Ibo names for HoR, if you approach him and you are not Ibo there is no guarantee you will get any consideration. We must thank God that he didn’t win the election. We must thank my people in the North for stopping Obi by not voting for him.’

Another Labour Party member interviewed Etim had this to say: I don’t know why INEC allowed PitObi to contest on Labour Party as we did our primaries and INEC officials were there, when PitObi entered our party, they pushed us all out and he put Ibo people and Inec accepted his list. That’s bad. INEC caused this problem and they must solve it. Obi destroyed Labour Party for us. He should be disqualified the way he removed us, so politicians will not gatecrash into another party like this again.

The man is fake Oooo. No be original. Na juju he dey use make people follow him. We know what he did at Okija shrine. We know the charms he uses then he calls himself Catholic. We are annoyed with him. We hope Court throw him out. Which mandate? Where is the mandate he stole from all of us who won Labour Party primaries? God will never allow him to get any mandate again in his life.’

Those interviewed by our correspondents were quite bitter and they are calling on Inec and Nigerians to ensure that Peter Obi is disciplined and disqualified for the violation of the Electoral Law of INEC.

Further investigation revealed that Barr Adewale Ademiluyi filed a matter in Court which is now in the Supreme Court on his illegal replacement by Peter Obi after winning the primaries. He requires the support of all well meaning Nigerians to succeed in the matter and to ensure that Inec disciplines Peter Obi. No Nigerian is above the law.
Headlinenews will assist as required to create awareness so that justice shall be done. Barr.

Adewale Ademiluyi is an Indigene of Eti- Osa in Lagos State and a National Patriot. For this reason, we would support the move to ensure that Inec’s way of addressing this violation would serve as a deterrent to politicians in future. It has become a habit in Nigeria for politicians to cross carpet before elections when they realise they may not obtain the Party ticket to fulfil their selfish ambition. We need to stop this now and encourage politicians to build their parties irrespective of their political aspiration and ambition.

Imran Khazaly


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