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#Breaking! Prof Nwosu Confirms Ibos Hidden Zionist agenda For Lagos.

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Full message of Professor C.J Nwosu
February 26th, 2023.

We the Igbo people of Nigeria have specific ways of deceiving the Yoruba People. We have long studied them to be similar in reasoning as the Igbo People, hence, we tactically have specific ways of achieving our goals when dealing with them.

Since 1960, we have realixzed that the Yoruba People are so liberal and educated and we have our special ways of using these against them. The Igbos infiltrations into the Yoruba States was a master plan to take over the lands of the Yoruba People.

The Igbo People used these tricks and tactics on the Yoruba People for the Obi LP Presidential Campaigns and it is working.

The Yoruba People who followed and voted for LP in Nigeria General Elections are the most stupid set of individuals in the universe.


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