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#Breaking! The National Patriots Endorse Tinubu, Advise Nigerians To Vote Tinubu Based On Global Evaluation Criteria Of Leaders, Tinubu Has Highest Scores In All Sections.

The National Patriots has endorsed Asiwaju Bola Tinubu after careful evaluation and assessment of all Presidential Candidates and therefore advises Nigerians to cast their votes for the most suitable candidate who is a seasoned Democrat and competent Leader with the experience, expertise, humanity, capacity and capability to govern Nigeria at a time like this and build on the present foundation to address all issues required for a better Nigeria. A man who has demonstrated the goodwill, knowledge, skills to ensure that the people gain the dividends of democracy. This is a man who put the people first and has the greatest record of humanitarianism amongst all the candidates.

The endorsement of The National Patriots is not financially induced but based on parameters which is utilised globally for assessment of Leaders.

The Nigerian Electorate need to be educated and guided on this so as to make a wise choice now and vote right on the 25th February 2023.

Nigerians should not select a Leader based on religious sentiments because a Pastor said they should do so, that’s wrong. Pastors are responsible for spiritual guidance for salvation not political guidance for elections. This is against the practise of Jesus Christ whose crucifixion was ordered by politicians ( Pontius Pilate). Nigerians should be guided by their conscience and such international parameters for evaluating Leaders which we at the National Patriots have researched and utilised for our evaluation and assessment of all candidates for the 2023 elections with Bola Tinubu of the APC emerging with the highest scores in all sections. We will release this template and results to the public for confirmation.

The facts are undisputed. Tinubu remains the best choice and most suitable candidate for President in 2023, with the highest overall marks. We will therefore educate the electorate on our choice and advise Nigerians to vote for Tinubu on the 25th February so that the people will experience a humble Democrat, humanitarian with capacity, competence & capability as leader. A Liberal Leader who is the only one that can keep Nigeria as one Nation.

This is the third time a Yoruba Leader aspired for the Presidency in the last thirty years, the others Awolowo, MKO Abiola were denied the opportunity to rule, the Yorubas are determined to revolt Nigeria if Tinubu is denied the opportunity to rule, in case God permits him to win the elections. For this reason, those conspirators should allow peace to reign in Nigeria and there should be no violence, unrest, agitations or distractions during or after the elections.

Vote wisely. Vote APC. Vote Tinubu.

Dr. Hameeda
National Coordinator.

Princess Gloria Adebajo-Fraser MFR
The National Patriots



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