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# Nigerians React To Adoption of Old National Anthem by FG

By HEADLINENEWS.NEWS correspondent 

The  national anthem IMG_9699 

The national anthemIMG_9698

Headlinenews.news correspondents filed this report after conducting a survey amongst Nigerians in Nigeria and the Diaspora about the adoption of the Old National Anthem.
These are part of the responses obtained:
* This isdue of old or new National Anthem is not what Nigerians need now. We are not interested in this. As far as I am concerned, its just a diversionary tactic. The FG should stop playing games with our situation and circumstances. We need to address the critical issues bedevilling this Nation and our people. There are critical issues that remain unaddressed yet we are changing the National Anthem? Will the National Anthem reduce insecurity, inflation, devaluation of the Naira, scarcity of foodstuff, poor educational standard, ritual killing, kidnapping, corruption? We have a hydraheaded problem and we must tackle it with hydraheaded solutions. We need to be serious about resolving the situation we are experiencing in Nigeria or things will explode!!!!!!!
* Bode Olanrewaju. IT Consultant, Lagos.
Our survey revealed that 60% of those interviewed based on random sampling of respondents were of a similar opinion.

* My take is that this government does not have enough resourceful people around it. I don’t know what criteria they utilise for inviting or appointing people into government but the President needs to address this if he is to succeed. This is critical. The government appears to be celebrating mediocrity and lacks innovative strategic thinkers who have the capacity, competence & capability to make a visible impact and difference in a short, medium & long term. The short term impact hasn’t been felt after one year. We have people who can turn things around in only 3 months. They think out of the box and focus only on visible results. They are critical thinkers.
* I will give an example: The President ought to have used this National Anthem issue to carry the Youth and those in Diaspora along in a dynamic way which will make Nigerians forget about their predicament. All the President had to do was to appoint a company like Original Concepts Communications which would organise a New National Anthem Competition. Not a Federal Ministry or NoA matter as Nigerians don’t trust them. Nigerians believe all Government agencies are corrupt and would favour their relations and the highest bidder. A company like Original Concepts would invite all interested Nigerians including those in Diaspora and the entertainment industry to participate with specific terms of reference and guidelines. We would be looking at a National Anthem that would address the present state of mind of Nigerians but encourage them to appreciate the fact that Nation building is not a walk in the park but requires much sacrifice by every Nigerian not just the poor. Political office holders etc must sacrifice. It will address corruption, the ugly monster which is eating into the sustainable development of the country. It will address the need for unity, Patriotism and raise the bar from mediocrity. It will promote justice, equity & fair play. It will celebrate achievers and inspire agents of change & transformation. It would be a symbol of the Renewed Hope initiative. An Anthem which will signify the rebirth of Nigeria at a time like this. When you read the history of developed countries like Russia, you will discover the role the National Anthem played in their growth. There was a period when they didn’t have a National Anthem due to some controversy. They always organise a competition so that the best talent could produce the National Anthem.
* How can somebody just decide in a democracy to revert to the old National Anthem and expect Nigerians to sing along like fools? The Government needs to realise the importance of carrying the people along in decisions which affect them. Are we not the ones to sing the Anthem?
* What if we refuse?
* Can anybody force us?
* The issue of a National Anthem is a delicate one. The Federal Government has erred in this decision..
* Finally, the old National Anthem was composed when the country was being given independence from Great Britain on the 1st of October 1960. It symbolises unity as the British had put different tribes together to form a Nation and wanted an Anthem to initiate and sustain the cohesion. We have been independent for more than 50 years and are going back to our situation when we were given the freedom to rule ourselves!!!!! The Anthem of an era when garri was N20 a modu, bread N10 a loaf, fuel was N50 a litre, school fees N100 a term. An era where people did not need burglar bars in houses nor fence around compounds. An era where there was peace and tranquility. The old National Anthem does not address the peculiarities & demographic issues of Nigeria today. The Tinubu Government has failed in this regard and should have used the New National Anthem as a Renewed Hope initiative & strategy to unite Nigerians at a time like this.
* What is his strategic team doing?
* They need intelligent innovative strategists like Dr. Fraser to assist them.
* This old NationalAnthemadoption is definitelya faux pas.
* I rest my case.
* Dr. Hameeda.
* National Patriots.
More than 25% of those interviewed expressed similar views.

* The Federal Government appears to have lost touch with the needs of the people. There is obviously a growing disconnect between the leadership and followership which should be addressed before its too late. APC is supposed to be a party with a progressive ideology. What is happening to their manifesto? Most of their projects and actions should be in sync with their manifesto. It appears as if there is a derailment from the manifesto. The FG should not lose focus of the APC manifesto, but unfortunately, Nigerians cant observe the impact of the APC manifesto in governance at all.
* Ahmed Adamu. Banker. FCT
* We need the cost of Garri to reduce- 4000 a paint rubber is too much. Peak milk is N800 a tin. Bread is N500 for the smallest loaf, Palm Oil is N1000 for the smallest bottle. Cooking Gas is N1600 per kg from N300. Only those who are alive can sing Anthems. The FG should make the quality of life manageable first before reminding us of any National Anthem. We won’t sing any Anthem. Address inflation, Naira devaluation, food insecurity, fuel increase, high transportation cost, high cost of living, high cost of medical intervention. Does the Federal Government know that people are dying because they can’t afford to pay hospital bills or buy prescribed medicines? People are suffering. The pharmacies claim they buy dollars at a high cost to import the medication dispensed here. The FG knows all this, so address it and give us some respite. Nigerians need critical intervention for humanity, not songs!!!!! Songs won’t address our hunger, ill health or inability to buy food, insecurity etc. The Anthem should not be the next line of action.
* Does the FG have a strategic team? They need professionals in perception management. They should speak with Headlinenews.news so they can advise and recommend. Something is not right.
* Hajiya Aish Bello. Teacher, Kaduna.

Nigerians reactions

Chief Olatunde, Isolo,  Lagos: Does this mean we are going backwards rather than forward? It has a psychological & spiritual undertone Ooooooo. Backward never, forward always.

Alhaja Sikirat. Trader, Ekiti: Why didn’t the FG conduct an opinion poll before taking such a deep sensitive step?

Mallam Mohammed Aliyu, Forex Dealer, Kano: I wonder,And the rubber stamp Senate couldn’t suggest that? Hhhmmm. I don’t know what to expect now!!!!

Hussein Tukur, Lecturer Adamawa: True, but a new one could even address the present issues better. ….though tribes and tongues may differ in brotherhood we stand.
…..though hunger and pain may be our plight it’s only a phase in building our great Nation.
…..the sacrifice we must make today so that our country may be great.
….we have no other country but this one so we must preserve it and believe in it.
Like nurturing a seedling which grows into a big tree, let us build a great nation with our own effort.

Aliyu Ahmed, Teacher, Nassarawa: There are things that will be more suitable for the present day.
Not an anthem that was sung when fuel was N200 and a tin of milk was N20 and Bread was N50, a tuber of yam was N100 and a Paint rubber of Garri was N200. The old National anthem was apt at the time and promoted unity and Patriotism which were critical values to build a new nation after independence.
Now, we are trying to take the nation to the next level and address all identified lapses and shortcomings.
It should have been a new National anthem for a time like this! My take.

Effiong Inyang, Journalist, Akwa Ibom: Exactly. I wonder too. I think every government agency is coming up with their contribution to addressing the issues bedevilling the Nation in line with the objectives of their establishment. The NoA must have pushed this forward. Pity. If they had asked Nigerians for their opinion as expected in a democracy, they would have had a rich source for their decision making process. Pity.

I thought it was comedy up till last week! Even after the passage on Monday by the two houses I still felt President will veto it ! Is that what the nation needs at this point in time?😂😂

Can I advise Mr President to kindly remove the Minister for Power Adebayo Adelabu who has now been voted the most useless minister since Nigeria gained independence. This man has no business in government and is a big albatross around the Federal Government. We know he boasts that he can’t be removed no matter his score card because he paid heavily for the position and those who collected must refund his money if they want him out. Adelabu has forgotten that he wasn’t born into an affluent family and stole all the money he has now from the CBN vaults when he was Deputy Governor of CBN and handled operations. We have all his details. Firstly it’s a shame that such a corrupt element could find his way into the Federal cabinet. He dies not have any quality which makes him merit a secretary to a Permsec, not to speak of a Federal Minister. Shame on Nigeria. The man is clueless and daft and can’t handle the power industry. Nigeria has never witnessed power outage at our airports in 50 years until Adelabu became the Minister of Darkness, not light. The man is an embarrassment to Oyo State, SouthWest and Nigeria. If President Tinubu doesn’t remove him as he promised IBB during their closed door meeting to remove non performing Ministers, no Nogerian will sing any National Anthem again. Old, New or whatever. How can we sing the National Anthem when there is no power? What are we hailing? It says “Nigeria we hail thee,.. What is there to hail abeg? The fact that we spend 85% of our time in darkness? A clueless grilled fish eating buffoon who adduces all sorts of reasons to improve power if he is given $10b per annum? A big thief. Adelabu will be stoned by Nigerians if he dares walk on the road. Today, he is the most hated Minister in Nigeria and the hatred is spreading to Mr. President. Nigerians are waiting to hear of his removal. Mr President should try something, suspend Adelabu and see how Nigerians will jubilate nationwide. Every Nigerian will unite with Adelabu’s suspension or removal. The power sector is the most important sector of the economy. Nothing works without power. It has affected our economy negatively. Manufacturers need to rely on generators, buying diesel at a high cost which makes their products more expensive. Adelabu is responsible for our economic problems. He must go. Adelabu must go! We hope the President will listen to the people. Put anybody intelligent in the position. Don’t put another thief please. Put a technocrat.
Make Nigerians happy, then we will gladly sing the National Anthem. For now, nothing to ‘hail’ Nigeria for Oooo.
Julie Etim, Fashion Designer, Edo.

Actually, to be honest, the old National Anthem is deep and rich in meaning. It was composed under the supervision and guidance of the British.
Are we still depending on British relics?
Are we not able to move on from our colonial past and develop our own identity in line with the pan African wind blowing over the African continent today?
I just don’t understand. It just doesn’t make sense. Who are the President’s advisers?
He needs to rearrange his strategic team during this one year celebration so that he won’t make such a mistake again.
This act of reverting to the Independence Anthem is retroggresive. We have talented Nigerians who could come up with a nice Anthem acceptable to all. I have always liked the old Anthem, but we have moved on from then and need something that addresses our fears, grievances, sensitivities & sensibilities today. A healthy independently organised competition could achieve that. Not any Ministry of Creative arts or NoA or Information or government agency! Mr. President, try to utilise the private sector to get things done properly without bias.

Princess G. National Patriots. FCT.

It just came to my notice that the Tinubu led administration has reverted to the old national anthem. My first question is what is the motive behind the change? Whatever the motive is, I am not convinced that it is worth the change for the following reasons.
First, the anthem revert to, was written by Lillian Jean Williams and composed by Frances Berda in 1959 as part of our independence from colonial Britain. Is it therefore worth reverting to an anthem that was written and composed by foreigners almost 65 years ago? What is wrong with the anthem composed by Nigerians in 1978? Is it that Tinubu and co were too old to learn the 1978 anthem, thus decided to revert to the one they know?
My second and of equal important reason for the objection of the 1959 anthem is the obvious fact that some of the words in the anthem are archaic and no longer ethically correct. For example, the word “thee” is an old English word and no longer in use. Furthermore, the word “tribe” is universally accepted as ethically incorrect and has since been substituted with “ethnic group.” If you include the word “tribe” in a journal article for publication in a reputable scholarly journal, the article will be rejected or if the publishers are kind enough, they will ask you to replace it with “ethnic group”. Similarly, the words “motherland” or “fatherland” are simply referred to as “land” for gender neutrality.
The whole world is simply amazed by Nigeria’s decision to revert to an out-of-date anthem for no just cause. More confusing is, how to refer to the Tinubu and co preferred anthem. Is it old? New? Or new-old anthem?
Arise o compatriot, Nigeria we hail thee………
Please help me complete the above Nigeria’s new-old anthem😂😂😂😂😂



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