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Buhari, Jonathan, Others Became President Unprepared – Kukah.

The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, Matthew Hassan-Kukah, has said that the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), former presidents Goodluck Jonathan and Olusegun Obasanjo, among others that led Nigeria, became presidents unprepared.

According to the bishop, no President or Head of State in the history of Nigeria ever came prepared for the job of the number one citizen of the country.

Speaking in an interview with Channels Television, in a broadcast aired Sunday night, Kukah said, “You can go all the way down in Nigeria, you’re not going to find one single person who has been President or Head of State in Nigeria that came prepared for the job.”

Using the analogy of a “bad marriage” to explain the relationship between Nigeria and its political leaders, the cleric said, “I always say to people, as a priest, that the solution to a bad marriage is not a new marriage. It’s often an attempt to look at what has gone wrong. And if you jump into a new marriage very quickly, after some time, you become nostalgic about the first marriage.”

He said one could say the same thing about Nigeria, adding, “A lot of these changes that we have seen in Nigeria are largely unprogrammed.”

The cleric, who also referenced the military era, added, “Military coups by themselves that stretched over 20 years were just glorified banditry and armed robbery because you pull the gun and became a Head of State.”


Above is the reason we’re saying that only Asiwaju Tinubu is prepared because he has been preparing himself way back since 1990 for this act of service as a president so he knew what to do in making this country be peaceful, prosperous and industrialized.

Awolowo was also to perform very well as premier of Western Region then because he was prepared for the job. Awolowo started preparing for this job when he was studying in UK and at same time studying how UK government was running perfectly well then so he could have a better understanding of how to run a government like that in his own country.

Atiku, Obi weren’t prepared for this job and that’s why i said we should not make the same mistakes in rushing to just get someone anyhow who is not prepared to be the president of Nigeria again while i opted for Asiwaju Tinubu that’s prepared for the task of the job of a president of Nigeria.


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