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#Exclusive: CBN Special Investigator Compromised, Demands Purchase of Houses, Bullet Proof Jeeps, Millions Expenses etc From CBN, DSS.

Headlinenews.news investigative journalists filed in a report regarding allegations of unprofessional, unethical demands from the controversial CBN Special Investigator recently appointed by executive fiat directly by Mr. President.

Headlinenews.news published the controversial appointment with several comments regarding the inappropriate process of appointing one person to investigate the CBN and other Entities. Nigerian Experts, Stakeholders, Civil Societies, condemned the appointment insisting the government ought to set up a Commission of Enquiry to look into the CBN and other Entities. A few suggested that Mr Osayande Obasee should join the Commission of Enquiry and work with them in order to ensure the transparency of the process and prevent acts of corruption by an individual.

However, these vital suggestions fell on deaf ears as the Presidency insisted only one person would investigate a huge institution like the CBN and other Entities, most especially as the Special Investigator allegedly had cases of corruption and assault reported against him.

Many Nigerians are of the opinion that there are many competent finance professionals with experience, expertise, integrity, good reputation, capacity who could handle such a sensitive assignment successfully without compromising themselves or professional ethics.
Investigating the CBN and other Entities should be under the purview of a Committee or Commission of Enquiry set up by the President under the Presidency overseen by the SGF.

This would prevent such an embarrassment to the Federal Government and Mr President.
It is disgraceful for a Special Investigator given the task to investigate a government establishment independently and objectively to start making demands on the first day he commences work from the same establishment he is supposed to investigate!

If the CBN buys him the houses he demands to be bought for him immediately in Victoria Island, Lagos and Maitama Abuja, demanded millions for his allowance and 15 security personnel for himself, Bulletproof Jeeps for his use, and other goodies which have compromised him already as an independent investigator.

If the CBN buys the properties he demanded and gives him all his demands, how would he remain objective and conduct the investigation of CBN and Entities professionally with this payment. These demands are an indirect act of bribery and a confirmation that this person should not hold such position alone. As a matter of fact, Nigerians interviewed have expressed a lack of trust in this Investigator and are demanding the President sets up a Commission of Enquiry to investigate the CBN immediately.

The Source confirmed there are doubts on the capability of the Investigator to perform or deliver and no professional should demand for properties to be purchased for him by the institution he was appointed to investigate. In any Civilised country, this is enough for the Investigator to be relieved of his appointment immediately and the Commission of Enquiry established. We hope Mr President will act on this information and do the needful before the government is embarrassed.

Special Investigative Journalist,

Nigerians React:
We voted for a listening President, why isn’t he listening? Why did he go ahead to allow this man to start investigating CBN despite the fact that there are reports about his corrupt practises? This is not good for the new administration of Tinubu. Nigerians are not fools. This man is a deal man and this is another deal to fool Nigerians. Please Mr President should act in view of this information which we are sure must be true. Set up a Commission of Enquiry and relieve this corrupt man from this position immediately. If you waste time, Nigerians will think you are inside this deal. President appointed the man as Special Investigator without recourse to the SGF to sign the letter. This is a deal. Please correct now before we blow it up all over the world.

-Comrade Joseph Samuel, FCT.

* Tinubu has to show the will power to fight corruption before corruption consumes him. It is wrong to appoint a person after allegations of corruption etc. It must be stopped immediately. The man has now shown that a leopard can never change his spots by demanding bribe from CBN before he started the job!!!! So, you will send a thief to investigate a thief????
That man is not clean! Sack him or Nigerians will sack Tinubu. Tinubu should be careful the way he is conducting himself. Nigerian voters were divided into three and he was given only 33% votes of all votes cast. If it was an exam, that would not be a pass mark. He failed. He should try his best to win Nigerians over. Not just Subsidy or no Subsidy, but he must fight corruption if he wants the support of Nigerians. I am an Activist. I voted for Tinubu but I am not sure I did the right thing. Tinubu must fight corruption if he wants Nigerians to like or accept him. Now, his popularity has gone down, he needs a strategy to increase his popularity. Start fighting corruption.
He started well and arrested Emefiele and people started to hail him. Now, he is messing up with this Investigator and people are abusing him. What is stopping him from setting up a committee? We will protest at CBN that we don’t want this Investigator if the man is not changed in 48 hrs. We will reveal what was cooking in the kitchen when the kitchen caught fire!!!!
-Solomon Gbinige. Activist. Edo.

* Please pray for Tinubu. He is making too many mistakes and I am worried. He knows people rejected his Investigator, why can’t he set up a committee and move forward. Does he have something to gain from this Investigator? Is he getting a return on the money from CBN. In that case he used the wrong man. I heard this matter from somebody who knows the man well. He said this man said he will collect from Emefiele and not expose Emefiele if he settles him well. The man said this is his opportunity to make money and he is supposed to settle Oga and Madam. I thought they will cancel his appointment after people exposed him as a corrupt man, but they left him there and asked him to start work. It’s only in Nigeria this can happen, but we will fight it. We will expose this man.
President doesn’t need all this. Why is he protecting or using corrupt people? Look at Akpabio? Why are all his candidates corrupt? They will spoil his government.
-Olatunde Saheed, Banker, Oyo.

* I have no comments. If the President doesn’t act on this Osayande, I will withdraw my support for the President and join his opposition. All his actions are making him popular. Is it worth it? Where are his advisers? The President is losing touch with the people and what they desire.

Stella Dedam, Lecturer, Rivers.

The National Patriots




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