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#Flight delayed by 6 hours after passenger opens cabin door, falls 20 feet to tarmac

Passengers Falls Off a Flying Plane – Causes 6 hours Delay.: An Air Canada flight heading to Dubai from Toronto had a pretty long delay of almost six hours. Some passenger decided to open a cabin door. And took a tumble of about 20 feet onto the tarmac right when the plane was still at the gate.


Last Monday at around 9pm. The Canadian authorities got a call saying that some dude had decided to open the airplane door. Causing him casually fall out onto the tarmac while the plane was still at the gate and people were boarding.


The person experienced minor injuries due to the fall and was quickly taken to a nearby hospital for medical care. Further investigation revealed that the man was in a distressed state during the incident. Resulting in his subsequent apprehension by the police.




Spokesperson for Toronto Pearson International Airport revealed that the airport’s authorities were informed about the incident in the evening of Monday. They worked closely with the airline to provide assistance and assess the urgent requirements during the situation. Despite not providing an immediate response to media inquiries. Air Canada took the initiative to inform Global News Canada about the incident that unfolded at Toronto Pearson International Airport, involving a Boeing 777 aircraft.


As the aircraft was in the process of preparing for takeoff. A passenger who had successfully boarded the flight (AC056) ventured off course and proceeded towards the opposite side of the aircraft, deliberately opening one of the cabin doors. In a swift response, emergency services and authorities promptly arrived at the scene to offer their assistance.


Air Canada has not yet responded to media requests for comment. The person is responding to treatment at the moments, but bet he will be mentally evaluated too.


Passengers Falls Off a Flying Plane



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