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#Former Ungogo Local Government Official’s Statement Translated.

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Subsidy removal is not a problem had it been used for the benefit of a common man, but the money is been looted.

_*When I was a local government chairman I received #200m per month before subsidy removal, but after the removal I received #950m from federal Government*_ the first month through what they call joint account, this amount continues monthly, we saved huge amount of money which we didn’t even know what to do with it, commoners are in hardship but the money used for widows marriage programs which we sponsored (through L.G allocation). I believed Kano people are not aware that it is local Government that sponsored foreign scholarship 100% 😭😭😭. Then construction of bridge (Dan Agundi flyover) without the approval of Local Government chairmen. Till the time I resigned I have never been approved at least #200m to work for the benefit of my people (Ungogo L.G) out of the billions of naira we received, *the state government swallowed it all.* Governor Abba Yusuf is trying to give the chances but the cabals blocked the chances. I believe Abba will make a good Governor but must stop trying to pleased everyone-this is mistake.

Likewise all other 36 state government plus FCT received the multiples of their allocations in addition to the #5 billions given by Mr.President for palliative but all are in vain, nothing goes to the poor only hardship, only few state government used some of it to ease the lives of the masses. Whenever people talk we blame Tinubu, it is a lies the causes are the states.

The biggest problem is, even the savings is looted by the few individuals, The Local Government is closed to the common men but the joint account swallowed it all, as a local government Chairman you wouldn’t know what is happening. It is not good to hear. *We are suppose to be investigated by EFCC,ICPC and NFIU.* This life is so selfish, federal government is doing her best. *_We we talking with one of the NFIU director, he opened his mouth listening out of surprise from what I told him. I told him that I have some evidences and official documents, he said they’ll invite us officially._* If the allocation wasn’t enough before, it is too much now (I.e it is enough) I swear.

I’m advising H.E Abba Kabir Yusuf to turned deaf ear to those cabals and give chances to the L.G. Chairmen, although I was not given a chance due to some reasons.


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