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#Headlinenews Exclusive! NIGER Coup: It Was A Liberation Movement – Wagner Group.

Headlinenews can authoritatively report that the Junta explained the reasons behind their Military intervention and stated that ECOWAS did not bother to invite Niger to the meeting in order to give them the opportunity and benefit of fair hearing as expected by an unbiased organisation as ECOWAS, but chose to slam a 7 day ultimatum with threats. This is unacceptable in a diplomatic terms and they stand resolved on the reasons for their actions. However, they promised to collaborate for dialogue with the Envoy and assured them of the support of their people for the military action. The Envoy too witnessed the massive mobilisation for the Junta. The Junta promised a feedback on the Envoy’s message next week. This is therefore an indication that the ultimatum issued has been overtaken by events and no longer valid, most especially as the CDS of ECOWAS States issued a statement on Friday to reconsider the proposed military intervention in view of the commencement of dialogue and diplomatic options.

Nigeria remains a member of the IOC and should not be seen at loggerheads with another IOC member, so there may be need for the IOC to intervene in this matter to ensure the expected respect for the sovereignty of each member State and their peoples interest & desire. All IOC member States are therefore supporting Niger in this matter so that the desire of the people of Niger may be upheld to be liberated from their Colonial Masters in the millennium to ensure a better life from abject poverty and a buoyant economy with infrastructural development.
Nigerians in the majority based on an opinion poll conducted by Headlinenews voted against military action or any interference in Niger’s internal issues. Nigerians are of the view that the Govt should resolve their own internal matter and leave the Govt of Niger to carry out their people’s wishes for liberation from France. Nigerians have spoken. Many Nigerians warned that Nigeria too should get liberated from Western powers stealing mineral resources and giving Nigeria only 10% of the value of Oil & Gas and minerals looted like uranium in Niger. They advised the FG to take steps to liberate Nigeria otherwise the liberation will surely happen one way or another.
These are the views of Nigerians today and FG should take heed and address their concerns soonest.
Africa should not allow herself to be divided by Foreign Powers in what appears to be another scramble for Africa Part 4
It was Slavery first, Brain Drain next, then, economic enslavement and now looting of the Continent’s valuable resources which could be utilised to give the Africans a better life with better conditions for living & great Countries.
Africans must unite at a time like this, not fight one another. The enemy is not within, but out of Africa.
No Country outside Africa assists any country in Africa for altruistic reasons. Its for African leaders to keep this always in mind and strategise to be on top of the situation for the best interest of their Country and her People.

Dr. G. Fraser MFR.
Founder, National Patriots
Nigerians United for Peace NUP.


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