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#Hungary’s first female president Katalin Novak resigns after two years in office

Hungary’s president, Katalin Novak, resigned after a two-year term, announcing her departure on Saturday, February 8, 2024. The resignation followed increased pressure due to her controversial pardon of a man convicted as an accomplice in covering up a sex abuse case in a children’s home.

Novak acknowledged her mistake, stating, “I issued a pardon that caused bewilderment and unrest for many people.” Approximately 1,000 protesters in the capital and opposition parties had demanded her resignation.

In April 2023, Novak’s decision to pardon about two dozen individuals, including the deputy director of a children’s home involved in concealing crimes, triggered public outcry. The pardon led to the release of Endre K., who had been sentenced to prison and barred from activities related to minors.

The rare political turmoil in Hungary’s nationalist governing party, Fidesz, challenged its long-standing rule since 2010 under Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Novak, a key Orban ally and former vice president of Fidesz, had previously served as Hungary’s minister for families, emphasizing family values and child protection. As the first female president in Hungary and the youngest to hold the office, her resignation marked a significant development in the country’s political landscape.


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