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#IBB Sheds Light on Military’s Decision to Stay Away from Political Affairs

Ibrahim Babangida, the former military President of Nigeria, is confident that the era of military intervention in the country’s politics has come to an end. He believes Nigerians are now more inclined towards establishing a true democracy and dismisses the likelihood of military interference hindering democratic progress.

In an interview on Channels Television’s Inside Sources with Laolu Akande, Babangida acknowledges the historical role of the military in Nigeria’s politics, emphasizing its adverse effects on achieving true federalism. However, he expresses optimism about the present democratic aspirations of Nigerians.

Addressing the growing call for decentralization and restructuring, Babangida advocates for granting more authority to the states. He emphasizes the need for a federal government that aligns with global federation principles.

Concerning the brain drain issue, he suggests creating a conducive environment in Nigeria that motivates citizens to actively contribute to the nation. By fostering such conditions, he believes Nigerians will be more inclined to stay and contribute domestically rather than seeking opportunities abroad.

Babangida dispels concerns about Nigeria becoming a one-party state, asserting that Nigerians will prevent such a scenario. He supports the idea of a two-party system, proposing the inclusion of independent candidates alongside major political parties for a more inclusive political landscape.

In summary, Babangida envisions a democratic Nigeria, emphasizing the importance of true federalism, decentralization, and creating an enabling environment to retain talent and foster civic engagement.

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