“I was a bit nervous,” he told reporters, talking about the penalty incident. “But I scored, and that’s the most important thing.

“I tried to wait, to look at the goalkeeper, and I saw that he was going to go to the same side again.”

Jude Bellingham angry

The decision to allow Chelsea to have another chance at the penalty angered Dortmund’s young midfielder Jude Bellingham who was disappointed the spot-kick was awarded in the first place after the ball struck defender Marius Wolf’s hand.

“I’m not sure what more he can do with his hand,” Bellingham told BT Sport, referring to Wolf. “That in itself was disappointing and the fact that they’ve had a retake, I think it’s a joke.

“For every penalty, especially when you have such a slow run up, there’s going to be people encroaching into the box by a yard or so. He has made the decision and we have to live with it.”

Bellingham, who has been outspoken about refereeing decisions in the past, was trying to be careful with what he said.

“I’ve paid enough to them lot,” he added, referring to fines he’s received for post-match comments in the past.

Chelsea fans celebrated the full-time whistle with huge celebrations and will hope their side can now kick on and improve on its lowly position in the league table.

Potter’s side faces a trip to Leicester in its next match on Saturday before hosting Everton the week after.