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#Judgement about SMART PRAYER MAT

Huseyn Zakaria In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon His last and final messenger, Muhammad, until the end of time. Indeed, I have made some studies to ascertain its origin and originators. The invention was made by Thakaa Technologies of Doha, Qatar. The Chief Executive Officer of the company is Abdulrahman Saleh Khamis and was first manufactured n 2021 in China. Sajdah (Smart Prayer Rug) is built by Thakaa Technologies, a Qatar-based company that specializes in the designing and manufacturing of smart and innovative hardware products. The invention was made possible as a result of the dedication of a team of electrical & software engineers, programmers, manufacturers, and advisors of the startup. However, many other companies compete with the pioneer inventors around the world and are marketed by several marketing companies locally and internationally. I have also watched several video clips demonstrating its usage. Thus, in light of what I read and watched about the innovation, I humbly wish to state the following observations: 1. As-Salah consists of two aspects; actions and utterances. Some of these are compulsory (fard), while others are either Prophetic traditions (Sunnah) or recommendable (Mustahab). Thus, if anybody deliberately or forgetfully did not perform any of the fard/ rukn (pillar) in any given Salah, and did not correct according to the Shari’ah, that Sallah becomes null and void! Such utterances are the pronouncement of the Takbiratul ihram, the recitation of the Fatiha and the Tasleem that signifies the conclusion of the prayers. All these utterances are compulsory upon all praying men and women. Otherwise, the Salah is considered invalid. The Smart Rug does all these for you! 2. The Smart Rug also discourages both learning and memorization of the minimum Qur’anic chapters and verses as well as the sunnatic supplications that are required and recommended in all Salawats. Such negligences relegate one’s Salah as redundant and incomplete 3. The Smart Rug creates and provokes circumstances of avoidable all kinds of thoughtfulness as a result of its automation of the rehearsing of both the Qur’an and the recommendable supplications needed in the Salah, be it openly or secretly recited. This also renders the Salah invalid. 4. The Smart Rug removes the intrinsic taste of the tranquillity, calmness, serenity and peace naturally associated with the salah right from inception to the conclusion. This leaves the Salah lifeless and dead! 5. The Smart Rug turns one into a zombie by leaving him or her with empty deeds alone! A salah without the required utterances becomes null and void! 6. The Smart Rug particularly discourages newcomers into Islam to cultivate and inculcate the zeal to memorize both the sequences and rudimentary of Salah as taught by our beloved Prophet of Islam, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. This aims at terminating knowledge on which Islam is squarely entrenched. 7. The smart Rug creates an absentia Imam that is neither known nor accessible by the congregation. This also negates the principle of Imamship in Salah. In the interim, I would like to conclude that based on the aforementioned reasons, the Smart Prayer Mat or Rug, should not be allowed to be used under any circumstances and by any Muslim or Muslimah, and therefore should be outrightly forbidden, declined and abandoned! It seems to as a destructive innovation that aims at hampering the most important aspect of Islam; Salah! May Allah protect us from the evils of our hearts and iniquities of our hands! Allah knows best! By: Dr. Huseyn Zakaria


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