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Just In! 10th NASS Leadership: Orji Uzor Kalu Claims Its His Turn To Be Senate President.

Orji Uzor Kalu has declared that it is his turn to become Nigeria’s Senate President.

The Senate Chief Whip made this assertion while answering questions from reporters at the National Assembly on Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

He urged the All Progressives Congress (APC) to zone the seat to his village in Igbere in Abia North Senatorial District.

He said with his position as the Chief Whip of the ninth Senate, he is the most ranking Senator from the South East and therefore deserves the position.

Kalu who represents Abia North Senatorial District won reelection for the 10th senate in the election conducted on February 25, 2023.

Nigerians React:
I hereby address the Distinguished Senator Orji Uzor Kalu who claims its his turn to be the Senate President. With due respect Sir, the Senate President is not a turn by turn position. If your intention is to copy the President- Elect’s “Emilokan”, you are so far away from being eligible to dream of it being your turn. Ashiwaju Tinubu’s assertion was well deserved and undisputable having paid his dues, contributed to our present democratic experience and being the only true Democrat who was contesting for the Presidency. As for your goodself, after generating 40,000 votes to return to the Senate, you only managed to deliver only 8000 votes for Asiwaju Tinubu’s Presidential Election on the same day as your own Senate election. This confirms where your loyalty lies and further throws more light to your character as a selfish politician who is only after his own interest and not that of the collective interest of the APC or its Presidential Candidate!

Are you aware that your geopolitical zone delivered less than 1% of the total votes registered by INEC for APC?

Do you appreciate the dynamics of politics and fundamental rules which states clearly that only those who deliver have a right and eligibility to compensation? Are you so blinded by your political ambition to utilise the Senate Presidency and amass stupendous wealth in order to pursue a Presidential aspiration in 2027 if God permits & spares your life? There is nothing hidden under the sun and information filters through no matter how well its guarded. Your ambition to be the Senate President is borne out of greed, intention to loot, self- aggrandisement, egocentricism, immaturity and acute myopia. In life, we are told that the greatest teacher is lessons learnt from history.

Distinguished Senator, our great country Nigeria suffered so much under the hands of Distinguished Senators like yourself, from your geopolitical zone who convinced stakeholders and Nigerians to give them a chance at the Senate Presidency. We did and live to regret such consideration till today.

Whenever a SouthWest President emerges, the Senate Presidency is zoned to the South by tradition with the expectation that the President will hopefully find someone he can work with for the best interest of the Country & People.

Unfortunately in 1999, it was zoned to the SouthEast as the President was from the SouthWest. The 8 Year administration of Obasanjo was marred by frequent impeachment of the Senate President as the Igbos as political rascals continued to frustrate the Executive with the usual uncooperative attitude and selfish disposition.

Evans Ewerem was the first Senate President and had to be relieved of the post when he became a thorn in the flesh of the President. The excuse of his forged certificate & credentials was handy!

Chuba Okadigbo was the next Senate President and gave the President such a tough time from the start trying to ensure the National Assembly did not work in harmony with the Executive so he would be appreciated as an independent minded Senate President. Okadigbo’s removal was necessary in order for the Executive to operate in harmony with the Legislative unhindered.

Adolph Nwabara was the next Senate President and did everything possible to frustrate Obasanjo’s administration. He was removed strategically masterminded by the Executive. Anyim Pius Anyim was the next Senate President who followed in his predecessors’ footsteps. He gave the President such a terrible experience and tough time that the Executive had to get him removed and he never bothered to return to the Senate. It’s either that the Igbos as political rascals have this uncooperative element in their DNA or they dislike the Yorubas so much they always fight them at any opportunity, or they are naturally cantankerous people with an inferiority complex and will always fight just to be relevant. Whichever one, whatever the situation, they never promote or embrace peace as a people. Can one expect more from their representatives?

After Anyim Pius Anyim was impeached Ken Nnamani became the Senate President. We all know the story of his inglorious exit and friction with the Executive which he adduced to third term issues. Obasanjo liked the Ibos and gave each Ibo State the golden opportunity to become the Senate President. 5 Senate Presidents from each state of the SouthEast and they were all removed due to inability to work harmoniously! Since then, other geopolitical zones became Senate President and there was peace and collaboration with the Executive for the best interest of Nigerian democracy. President Buhari from NorthWest had Saraki from NorthCentral and Lawan from North East after Saraki left the Party. Jonathan from SouthSouth had David Mark from NorthCentral as Senate President for 8 years.

The Senate President must be someone the President can work well with. Tinubu will not want to experience the nightmare that Obasanjo suffered under the Igbos. Most especially now that the Igbos mobilised against Tinubu for the Presidential Elections in Lagos, SouthSouth, SouthEast, North Central and Nationwide, the ongoing insults, abuses rained upon Tinubu by Igbos, growing hatred between Yorubas & Igbos, it doesn’t make political or common sense that the President of Yoruba extraction works with an Ibo Senate President. It will render his administration ineffective. It would be an uphill task achieving the indices of the “Renewed Hope” with such an uncooperative legislative arm led by an Ibo Senate President. Therefore, Mr. Orji Uzor Kalu, history has shown what the Ibos can do to the Northerners and the Yorubas.

It is not your turn at all. Your geopolitical zone had its turn and has given a good account of themselves.

May I conclude by stating categorically that the only geopolitical zone which has never produced a Senate President since 1999 till date by omission or commission is the SouthSouth zone. The zone remains relevant, delivering its votes accordingly and peaceloving without making demands on the Party or Stakeholders. It is their turn now and they deserve it for delivering 25% votes to APC in 2023 Presidential Elections. If not for them, APC would have lost substantial votes. Politics is a game of numbers. Mr. Orji Uzor Kalu, could your 8000 votes deliver Asiwaju? You even had the guts to show your voided ballot paper where you thumb printed across Party lines to render the ballot paper void. A Senator making such a mistake is unforgivable. It proves you do not possess the qualities required for the exalted position. Moreover, you are a young politician who needs to develop more wisdom, calmness and mental maturity. You need to grow. The Senate Presidency is for the big boys! Know your limitation and keep to your level. It’s the turn of the SouthSouth now. APC is making history. It provides opportunities for all. The SouthSouth will get the opportunity by the special Grace of God and work well with one mind without impeachment or controversies like the Igbos!

My advice to you is to stop making noise as an empty barrel is always noisy. Support the decision of the APC zoning Committee, support the SouthSouth maybe they will consider you for other positions to justify your 1% and 8000 votes! Senator Akpabio gave Asiwaju Tinubu 116,000 votes. That says everything!

Tokunbo Adebowale, Toronto, Canada.

* I am so impressed by this befitting response to Uzor Kalu, I need not say more. I wasn’t aware of all that transpired during Obasanjo’s administration. 5 Senate Presidents? All Ibos! Why didn’t Obasanjo try another geopolitical zone like the SouthSouth? The SouthSouth people are more accommodating. I will support them for this Senate President position. They are not gregarious people and could probably be trusted with power. It’s very important to consider those who can be trusted with power as such a position of Senate President wields so much power and absolute power corrupts absolutely! It must be a level-headed person with a proven track record of good mental health and selflessness. APC should hurry up and zone the positions so that jokers like this stop making noise.

Aare Oluwaseun Adesuyi, Traditional High Chief.

* Please I just want to add that are you sure Orji Uzor Kalu wasn’t under the influence of alcohol or any other substance when he said this? I think Nigerians should ignore him. He is the last person who should aspire to this position. Does he think Nigerians are stupid? Yorubas are the most educated race and only homogenous race in Nigeria. Is he for real? His turn? What did he do to deserve it? What did he contribute? Nigeria has moved forward. He can’t try his cheap stunts anymore. It won’t work! We all know he is making this noise so they can find something good to beg & offer him. Never.

John Azikiwe, banker, Enugu.

APC must monitor Orji Uzor Kalu well. He may go and scheme with the opposition to get their support and challenge the SouthSouth if APC leaves the Zoning to the South. It must be microzoned to SouthSouth otherwise Uzor Kalu may play the game the way Saraki did in 2015. APC must be proactive. This guy is desperate and a political nuisance. Find a way to cage him. He has become a liability!

Ahmed Abdullahi Bello, Kaduna.

* Uzor Kalu is a dreamer. Your turn? For where? This guy is not serious. Anyway, he wants to use this to negotiate – Ibo sense. Ibo logic. We have had enough of Ibos abeg. Why don’t they go to Biafra? APC should make sure they don’t get any position. They can’t be trusted, they are ingrates and they will definitely betray their benefactor! I before Others – IBO. Please don’t try it. Orji uzor kalu must be stopped by all means. Zoning to SouthSouth will stop him. Good luck Ooo.

Francesca Fubara, Lagos.


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