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#Just In: 2023 Elections: A Note For Yorubas Against Asiwaju & Other Antagonists. Read, Ponder & Search Your Conscience For Answers.

What kind of person is this? Is it a crime to be rich? Is it a crime to be a politician or have access to influential opportunities? Is Tinubu behind the cash crunch?

Dangote, the richest man in Africa is from the North, I have never read of any attack of him from any Northerner.

Is it a crime for Tinubu to aspire to lead Nigeria? Is it a curse to have the most powerful politician in Nigeria today come from the Yoruba Nation?

Yes, Tinubu installed most of the Governments in Yoruba land since 2011, but has that not been a blessing to Yoruba land. Didn’t the Govs perform?

It is an arguable fact that Yoruba land is the most secure and most economically viable zone in Nigeria today, isn’t it? Lagos has been growing day by day economically other states are not doing badly. Yet, you guys still attack Tinubu. Until we lack a warrior like Tinubu and others begin to ride and enslave us before you know what big advantage his presence amongst us has been.

I think we Yoruba are known to be good thinkers, abi?
By Allah’s grace, any one who curses Tinubu or innocent politicians will have the curses return to him.

If you are poor and you are a true man of God, shouldn’t you know that it’s God that determine who becomes rich or poor?

Shouldn’t you know that if Allah wishes to make Tinubu a president, no one can stop him?

Which kin man of God are you? In Islam, we are enjoined to pray for our leaders to succeed, and leave their judgement to Allah.


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