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Just In! 2023 Guber: Confessions Of An Ibo Man.

I am a full blooded Igbo man but I believe the Yoruba’s need to rise up and defend their identity, land, and culture. It’s unfortunate to say this but the truth needs to be said by someone. We the Igbo’s can no longer continue to be territorial in another mans land. We go to a place, they welcome us with an open hand, we establish there and prosper and the only way to show appreciation to them is to declare their land a “no man’s land” How is this possible? Every land has indigenes.

What the Yoruba’s are tolerating even we the Igbo’s will not tolerate the same in our land. Why is it possible I can move to Lagos or any Yoruba land and willfully acquire any choice land at any part of Yoruba land as long as I have the means yet we cannot accord the same opportunity and privilege to Yoruba’s in Igbo land? In my place no matter how much a Yoruba man is willing to buy land, that land will not be sold to him.

There is a serious need for equity from all sides. The Yoruba’s must be accorded what they accord us. The Yoruba’s must demand what is theirs. In Igbo land, Igbo’s speak with one voice and foreigners cannot Influence things in our land. If we have Eze Igbo in Yoruba land, why then can’t we have Oba of Yoruba in Igbo land? Yoruba’s must stand up and defend that which is theirs. The liberality of the Yoruba’s must be reciprocated by others. You can easily be a house of assembly member in Yoruba land even as an Igbo man or Akwa Ibom person but can we say the same in Igbo land?

You people must rise and defend what is yours. Elections in your land cannot continue to be decided by foreigners. It cannot happen in my place, so why would you Yoruba’s allow it? Being too nice is foolishness. Defend what is yours now or forever lose it.”

by @Lawrence Ibe.


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