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#Just In: APC Must Restrategise & Mobilise Efficiently Urgently Or It May Be Too Late To Gain Undecided Voters If Opposition Gets Their Support First. LP, PDP Releasing Funds Now To Canvass For Votes.

The leaders in Alimosho are failing in their task to mobilize.
Labor is releasing funds to people and trying to lure Yoruba youths to their side. These guys are stingy and lack the drive to make significant impact.

Could you pls bring this to the attention of someone that could do something?
This is the First election that will be conducted with the Lion of Boudilon not been on ground.
Is this how things will be going on in Lagos when our leader who fought for democracy move in the Villa?
We need to work as a team.
Let put the right peg at the right hole.
Let are leaders involved those who are really working and let stop family and friends politics.
Imagine a psychedelic side chick was a polling agent last week and they are rigging election b4 and she is fragile and doing ajebota at the polling booth.
Someone who need to shout and use her phone to record and make a report.
I hope this will get to the authorities involved.


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