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#Just In: APC Youth Leader Invites All Nigerian Youth On Board To Join In Building A Great Nation.

“Our paths may differ but our destination is the same – A Greater Nigeria” – Dayo Israel, APC National Youth Leader

Fellow Young Nigerians, the last few months have been tortuous and tumultuous. We experienced one of the most disruptive campaign and election season in the history of our nation. Emotions were heated, brothers were against brothers, sisters against sisters, as we approached the poll due to differences in political reasoning or alignment.

In the midst of it, our nation like never before saw the energy of its youths at its loudest, demanding a Nigeria that works. To each their own, some of us Batist or rather Jagaban “Army”; some Obidient, some Atikulated, and so on and so forth.

While we all belong to different political parties or ideologies, never for once did I doubt that we all want the same thing – a Nigeria that works, a Nigeria fit for children. A Nigeria that helps the potential of our youth to blossom and in which everyone can achieve their potential with the government truly meeting the needs of its people. More Youths need jobs. Farmers require more support and protection. Women want more access to empowerment opportunities, leading to financial independence. Economic growth and opportunities must match the size of our population and the aspirations of the people.

Some young Nigerians have grown cynical and ventured abroad in search of greener pastures. Daily experiences across sectors, including the banking sector, underscore this grim reality. The frustration was taken to the polls and expressed loudly. Emotions became heated because our generation wanted to affect the status quo and herald change.

My Brothers and Sisters, I understand clearly that we have all fought aggressively in this election because we all want to make a decision that will ensure we don’t have to run out of Nigeria in the next 4 years. Let me assure you by the Grace of God, that you would not have to, under a Bola Tinubu Presidency by the Grace of God.

Know that while our paths may differ, our destination is the same – A Greater Nigeria.

This election, like others in the past, has tested assumptions and wills. It has strained passion and caused us to debate vigorously. Such is the way of democracy. A contestation of ideas and visions settled ultimately at the polls. We may have disagreed on the road that will take us there, but there is no denying that all Nigerians desire a safe and prosperous country. It is to this shared desire that we must now turn.

I know you want the next 4 years to be better than the last 63 years. I know you want an engaging, humbling, unifying, and impactful leadership. Please believe this, that this is the Leadership President Tinubu will offer you.

Today, Nigerians have spoken. While there have been 4 key voices in this election, the voices of the BATIST have been adjudged the loudest and INEC has declared H.E Bola Ahmed Tinubu the President-Elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Although this may understandably not have been the desire of some of you my brothers and sisters on the other side of the divide, it is however time to move on with HOPE.

Bola Tinubu is a prepared man, he is an experienced leader and a pragmatic administrator. He is highly cerebral and very exposed. He knows his onions and commands the respect of a lot of Nigeria, rich and poor. He would hit the ground running on day 1, working for the good of All.

My Millennial and Gen Z brothers/sisters, I call on you all to give our next President the benefit of doubt and all your support. I can assure you that with the help of the Almighty God, he will not disappoint. ASIWAJU is known as a performer, we all, even in the progressive party, are counting on him strongly to turn around the lot of our Nation prayerfully.

Regardless of political affiliation, we count on you to give him your support, knowing that success in his quest to transform the economy of the country and reforge our bond and spirit of togetherness translates to a better Nigeria for all. Remember, Our route may be different but our destination remains the same.

Bola Tinubu has plans and is ready to achieve all of them, but his success will require our patriotism. Everyone must put the country first and commit to responsible actions conducive to peace and growth. This is how we can all thrive and ensure that our democracy, this precious gift given to us by our past heroes, is strengthened.

Finally, I am excited about this victory, it is a victory that must be celebrated, for all the obstacles that we overcame, internal and external. But even as we celebrate, we must remain mindful of the enormous work that lies ahead and display a largeness of spirit by extending a hand of fellowship to our fellow citizens who may have disagreed with our choice. And in that spirit, I tender apologies for any comment that may have been expressed in the heat of the politicking. We are all one people, compatriots and co-labourers in the movement to build a better Nigeria.

My gratitude goes to everyone who made this victory possible. The youths of the party especially the Jagaban Movement, ASIWAJU Airforce and BAT Envoy of the APC National Youth Wing Campaign Council who energetically and courageously preached the Renewed Hope gospel across the Lenght and breadth of Nigeria, helping to replace the cynicism of their generation with hope and positive anticipation of the future. Party men and women who organized and mobilized; leaders who stood to be counted at crucial hours, acting with integrity and faith in the preservation of our bond and shared destiny as a nation. It is to you all that we owe this great victory.

I must also thank the Obidients, who put us on our toes, challenging us at every turn, and whom we will embrace with our policies and programs, carrying you all along. Asiwaju will not disappoint you. As the saying goes, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Adversity and opposition is a “tester of our strength”, challenge accepted.

I thank my Zonal and State Youth Leaders, as well as Youth stakeholders of our party. All my team members who worked with me and travelled the 36 States of this nation with me in the last few months, sometimes by road in the dead of the night, just for this cause. History will be kind to you.

I thank my National Chairman and the NWC for their hard work, you are good people.

I congratulate Nigeria for another peaceful transfer of power, 24 years after we exchanged the shackles of tyranny and dictatorship for the empowering and ennobling freedom of democracy.

Mummy, Madam First Lady, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, I Pray for strength for you in this new assignment. More Grace Ma.

To the president-elect – Akanbi omo Olodo ide, this is your time, this is your moment. May you succeed and may Nigeria blossom under your leadership. Our eyes are on you, and our hope is in You.

Let’s get to work.

The Dayo Israel
National Youth Leader, All Progressives Congress and Wing Marshall, APC National Youth Wing.


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