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#Publication: Modernisation Of Yoruba Proverbs, Names, Orthography by Yoruba Author.

Ireland based Nigerian-Yoruba writer and author , Deji Olaiya has criticized the 1875 established Yoruba autography , the accomplished writer and founder of modern Yoruba autography insists Yoruba race deserves something better and modern .

Deji invented a modern way of writing and teaching Yoruba language , the writer removed all marks (Amis) in the writing of Yoruba language, he said such marks are archaic and are quite irrelevant in this modern society

Attending on Adeyinka Olaiya YouTube Channel , the Yoruba author said he substituted the marks with letters that will facilitate easy pronunciations of Yoruba words for all.

According to him , Yoruba language is sacred , it’s the original language that actually allowed the existence of other languages , he compared the similarities between the Yoruba words and Hebrew language.

Alumni of the Obafemi Awolowo University , Prince Deji Olaiya is a chartered surveyor and a computer programmer , he has authored several books on new Yoruba autography.

The Nigerian-Yoruba author said the removal of marks in Yoruba words will not distort or affect the originality of Yoruba language, he said it will only help to place the language in its right position amongst other important languages in the world .


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