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#Just In: Christians Resort To WitchCraft, Juju, Charms To Prevent Tinubu From Being Sworn In As President



That some people are wishfully praying and expecting that something tragic should happen to Tinubu so he’s not sworn in as president goes to show obsession. Meaning, this issue is beyond politics; it’s deep-seated hatred.

I’m not a fan of Tinubu and will never be. But hating a man just because of negative reports about him is unchristian.

There are some who are anxiously looking forward to a certain prophecy that predicted Osibanjo leading an interim government when Tinubu is arrested before he’s inaugurated as president.

As someone who understands Scripture, the moment I saw the footage of that prophecy, I judged it to be false and uninspired.

The prophecy is averse to our Constitution and violate the Spirit of Scripture.

A Christian should not abhor animosity or wish evil in his or her heart. In Galatians 5, Paul enumerated what the works of the flesh is. One of them is witchcraft.

Witchcraft is simply the ability to alter the course of nature without the agency of the Holy Spirit. It means access to the supernatural through the strange sources.

Witchcraft is complex. In Bible times, the practice involved the use of magic books, diviners, etc. It’s a practice where men seek to alter or read the lives of others through the agency of an ability that is outside the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Deploying the latent power of your spirit to wish negative circumstances for someone is witchcraft. Witchcraft is a practice associated always with religious people.

Because there’s a possibility for a Christian to slide into witchcraft is why Paul admonish us to walk in the Spirit.

To walk in the Spirit means to walk in God’s word. Here, it means, love people!

Wishing evil to another man and expecting your imagination to find expression in reality is witchcraft.

You mustn’t indulge in magic, voodoo, or consult a sorcerer to practice witchcraft. That you are plotting tragic circumstances with your imagination against someone is witchcraft.

The human mind has capacity to create circumstances. This is why we can imagine something and have it come to pass in reality.

Repent. Walk in the Spirit so that you will not fulfill the desires of the flesh. That’s what the Bible says.

Martin White-Ufuah


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